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GAMMA Dynasty 14 Years in Recap

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So this won't be so much of a Dynasty style post as much as a what has happened in the 15 years I've been playing this save I'll be breaking down some of the more interesting events/characters and champions who came through my game world, written in the style of a historical report on their career. It's written so that the character being spoken about is the focus of the story rather than going into more detail about their opponent, partially to save time but also to paint them as the "Hero" of their story. I'll be focusing mostly on the high points in their career and will usually just talk about key fights.


This was the first save I ever started playing so a lot of things went quite slowly for me I didn't bring in featherweights till 2002 and Bantamweights till 2007, the only company I really pillaged talent from was Alpha-1 with the occasional guy from SIGMA or BCF, and underutilised a lot of fighters like Jake Keane or Patrick Thomas.


With That out of the way I'm going to do this breakdown by division making separate posts for each one Starting with Super Heavyweight and working my way down the list.

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Super Heavyweight


The Superheavyweight Division in my game has been dominated by regen/no pic gen characters for a long while now, early on I didn't care all that much about the division and Didn't hire any of Alpha-1s better Super Heavyweights though I did hire some of the free agents a little later into 2001/2002 the ones that got scooped up by Alpha-1 I had to wait until around 2003. So without any more ado here are the top Super Heavyweights and interesting stories from my game.

(Editor note Guess I decided to do this like a story, so I'll go through the highpoints maybe a few low points but I won't go into every fight since after a while some of them don't matter hope people are enjoying it, if you want post what division/character you want to see next and I can do that one up thanks for reading.)


© = Champion


Hanley "the Great White" Polter ©: In Hanley Polter's first fight since I took over GAMMA at "GAMMA 40 Hughes vs Heath" a card that was plagued by injuries resulting in the cancellation of several bouts, Hanley Polter took on Kel Ryan in the second fight on the main card. The fight started well for Hanly managing to secure an early takedown and grinding his way to what would likely lead to a 10-9 round before the ref stood the fight up, Hanley presumably feeling confident at this point decided to let his hands go a little a mistake he would come to regret as Kel Ryan plastered him almost immediately with a huge punch following up with ground and pound and riding the rest of the round out in top control. The second round showed more of the same with Ryan keeping his distance and pummeling hanley with hard strikes again resulting in a knockdown about halfway through the round, hanley managed a takedown at the end of the round but it was nowhere near enough to steal it from Ryan. Going into the third round Hanley was looking completely deflated, his corner screamed at him that he needed to take Ryan down and drop bombs on him but hanley didn't seem to want to listen, as the third round kicked off Ryan landed some more punches for the first minute and a half before he started to get tired. Likely feeling overly comfortable after dominating the fight to this point Ryan pulled Polter into a clinch, he soon realised his mistake as Hanley tossed him to the ground securing side control before passing almost immediately into mount; Ryan tried to fight his way out but Polter managed to posture up and completely destroy Ryan with an onslaught of ground and pound causing Ryan to go limp and referee Harry Bierce to jump in and stop the contest. Hanley's gutsy come from behind win, won him fight of the night and an opportunity to fight Davey rushton for the Super Heavyweight title.

(fight rated as being great)



Unfortunately for Hanley Rushton was injured in training for their initial bout and was out for several months Hanley chose to wait around to get his title shot but it wouldn't be till almost a year later at "GAMMA 46 Dean vs Monroe" SImilarly to the first card Hanley fought on an injury to Neil Napier caused Young up and comer Isaiah Monroe to be thrown into the main event against Matthew Dean many would say far too soon. fortunately a strong co headline fight Between Hanley Polter and Davey Rushton was there to help the fans still have a good time. The time to finally do battle had come for the two undefeated Titans. The first round Started with an early takedown from hanley which he used to control Rushton on the ground and cause some pretty serious damage. The second round began with Rushton landing a powerful shot to Hanley's head but unfortunately it resulted in him breaking his power hand and being unable to generate the power to drop Hanley for the rest of the fight, Hanley went on to win the second round with more top control and ground and pound. as the third round started Hanley was looking a little tired and much slower even more so than usual for the massive Super Heavyweight, Rushton was able to capitalise over the next two rounds to bring the score back to two rounds a piece by keeping the distance and peppering Hanley with his stiff jab. By the time the fifth round began Rushton was also flagging pretty hard allowing Hanley to catch hold of him and work his takedowns and top control Hanley was too tired to do much damage in the fifth but definitely got a clear round leaving it in the hands of the judges most people had Hanley up 3-2. As the fighters waited to heart he scorecards

The Ring announcer read out "All three judges have scored this contest 48-47 for your winner by Unanimous Decision... And NEW GAMMA Super Heavyweight Champion of the world Hanley 'the great white' Polter. Hanley Had done what he set out to do capture the Super heavyweight title, but a number of tough challengers awaited him only time will tell how good the Australian could be. Hanley picked up yet another fight of the night bonus for his efforts.

(Fight rated as good)



In his first Defence of the Super Heavyweight title seven months Later at "Gamma Battle lines 6: Ziskie vs Ho" Hanley found himself once more in the co main Trying to give a boost to a weaker card only missing out on the main event as the Promoter wanted to Make the new Featherweights look good and put their inaugural title bout in the Main slot. In this fight Hanley took on his toughest Foe to date the 10-0 Garry Pickering who'd been on a run of Excellent form submitting both Frank Paul and Gary Sampson en route to this title shot. After they'd both entered and been introduced the cage doors closed and it was time to see who the better Undefeated fighter was yet again. The first round began with pickering employing his usual strategy for clinching up and looking for a takedown but unlike his previous opponents, Hanley was simply far too strong and too good a grappler easily reversing the position and circling back to the centre, a strange move for Hanley but understandable considering Pickerings Submission skills even off his back. Hanley at this time had been training at Halvorsen's alongside Fellow Super Heavyweight and "Professional Ass Kicker" "Texas" Teddy Glossop. After Pickering failed to establish anything grappling he moved in to box with Hanley assuming him to be a poor striker what Pickering seemed to forget was that to this point Hanley had only fought predominantly striking based fighters once they engaged the difference in striking skill was apparent. Hanley over the course of five rounds beat pickering to a bloodied pulp breaking his nose in the fourth round, somehow Pickering survived this onslaught but unfortunately he didn't have anything for Hanley and Lost the fight on the scorecards reading "50-45, 50-44 and 50-43" for the winner once again by Unanimous Decision Hanley "the great white" Polter. With this new Hanley completely battering the man many thought would pose his greatest threat who would be able to step in a stop Polter's dominance. (Fight rated as Good)


Hanley's Second Defence of his Super Heavyweight Title would come against yet another unbeaten fighter in the Powerful European matas Fialkowska Coming off wins over Zsolt Hargitay and the former Champion Davey Rushton Fialkowska had shown strong striking fundamentals and an overall more well rounded game than most other super heavyweights at the time with Cardio far better than anyone else in GAMMA's division. The fight took place at "GAMMA Battle Lines 10 Polter vs Fialkowska" it marked GAMMA's first event held in Australia in Hanley's hometown of Sydney. It featured a strong undercard including Matthew Dean vs Neil Napier and Sukarno vs Jake Keane. As they Walked down to the ring Hanley had game planned for this fight despite dominating Pickering with his improved striking his best weapon against Fialkowska would be his size in the clinch. The first round Started and Hanley implemented his gameplan to perfection pushing the smaller Fialkowska into the cage and beating him up with dirty boxing. The Second round showed more of the same with Hanley securing a takedown and getting some ground and pound going to put himself up two rounds. In the third round Hanley continued to find success by sticking to his gameplan finding a takedown and continuing his ground and pound, late in the round however Fialkowska managed to escape Polter slowly made his way back to his feet exhausted at this point Fialkowska still looking the much fresher man began to find his range but it was likely too late in the round to pull it in his favour. The fourth round began were the third left off at Polter was up three rounds but he was exhausted and just needed to survive without getting blown out to a 10-8 round, Fialkowska kept the distance and landed some hard shots including a very hard head kick but hanley stayed on his feet and got the fight to a clinch whenever he could he likely lost the round but not so badly it's be a 10-8. The fifth round started and Hanley fought tooth and nail to keep the fight close despite Fialkowska continuing to pick up the pace but Hanley wouldn't go down and found his way to the scorecards. the ring announcer read out in what had been a strong showing from both men "All three judges have scored the contest 48-47 for your winner by unanimous decision... and STILL GAMMA Super Heavyweight champion Hanley 'the great white' Polter". Hanley got to main event his first card and had gotten a strong win in his Hometown over an opponent nobody thought would be as tough as he was.

(Fight was rated as average)


Hanley had managed to escape his bout with Fialkowska but it was a close call and there was an incredibly dangerous opponent on the horizon Hanley's former training partner 'Texas' Teddy Glossop. Glossop was recently signed after a 2 year stint in Alpha-1 where he had looked incredibly dominant. Hanley knew he'd have to take Glossop down and keep him down to have any chance of winning against his former friend. Polter and Glossop had a falling out due to issues Polter took with Glossop becoming more aggressive in training including trying to Knock Hanley out in a sparring session. polter continues training at Halvorsen's while Glossop left the team. The buzz around the fight was immense and it was finally announced to take place at "GAMMA 61 Polter vs Glossop" despite being the champion Polter was coming in as the underdog to the Undefeated Texan. As he walked out Hanley wasn't his usual cheery calm self he was more determined to hurt his opponent as he knew his opponent was more determined to hurt him. The first round began and Hanley rushed to the centre of the cage before being stunned by a huge punch from Glossop that Polter never saw coming, Polter regained his composure and shot for a takedown as Glossop rushed in on him. Hanley managed to keep Glossop pressed against the floor as he recovered but decided to ride out the round with top control for the final 3 minutes to be sure he would be okay for the war to come. The second round began and Hanley came out more cautious, Glossop decided to charge Hanley but quickly found himself thrown into the cage with Polter pressing on him and landing short uppercuts and knees. Polter would pummel glossop from the clinch for most of the round until scoring a takedown in the final minute wherein he passed quickly to mount and looked to finish the fight, but the bell sounded with Glossop still conscious. Hanley knew he was in control beginning the third and knew Glossop couldn't deal with his size advantage, he once more pressed him into the cage beating him up against it in what for the fans felt like an uneventful round; but to Hanley it was sweet seeing his rival unable to stop his onslaught of pressure. The fourth round was more of the same from polter keeping glossop pressed into the cage and battering with punches and knees before the referee separated them. Glossop managed to land a hard punch to Hanley's head but Polter walked through it took Glossop down for the third time this fight maintaining control of the round. Hanley went back to his corner pleased that he was winning but he wanted to finish Glossop. The Fifth round began and Hanley shot immediately for a takedown managing to secure himself side control, he pummeled GLossop with elbows before managing to get himself into the mount; though by this time there was only a minute remaining. Polter rained down punches onto Glossop causing some serious damage but was unable to finish him, as the horn sounded hanley stood up and saw the beaten and bruised face of Glossop and new he'd won and beaten his former training partner turned rival. As the scorecards were read out Polter kept his hand in the air while Glossop looked dejected and angry. The scorecards read "50-45, 49-46 and 49-46 for the winner by unanimous decision and... Still GAMMA Super Heavyweight champion Hanley 'the great white' Polter". The fight would go down as a not particularly exciting but definitely not boring fight for fans, but for Hanley it was the most satisfying win of his Career thus far. (Fight was rated as average)


Hanley's 4th Defence would be against Yet another Undefeated opponent, but much less experienced John-James McInleen. Hanley was feeling extremely confident coming off his win over his Rival Teddy Glossop and wanted to really make a statement. The fight would take place as the Co-main event on "GAMMA 64 Banner vs Ho". The night came and the fight was on Hanley knew McInleen basically got the fight as the only other man in the division with any momentum besides himself. As the fighter announcements ended and both men took up their stances ready to fight. The first round began and both men came out of the gates leading to a somewhat wild scuffle where McInleen got a few shots in, Hanley was unfazed and bull rushed McInleen into the fence with a takedown leaving McInleen turtled up with Hanley on his back. Hanley proceeded to blast McInleen with heavy shots to the head and before long referee Harry Bierce was forced to step in and halt the beating. The official decision read "Winner by TKO at 1:10 of the very first round and still GAMMA Super Heavyweight Champion of the world, Hanley 'the great white' Polter". Hanley had crushed the only other man in the division who had a win streak going and was feeling even more confident than before, not to mention the double bonuses which was a nice touch (KO and Fight of the night) Hanley looked forward to his next challenge.

(The fight was rated as good)


Hanley was set to make his 5th defence of his title which would take place at "GAMMA 69 Banner vs Everett" against the first man to earn a rematch against him Matas "the beard" Fialkowska. Hanley knew his opponent had improved from their last encounter and believed he had as well. Hanley looked forward to the rematch a chance to prove no one in GAMMA's Super Heavyweight division could beat him. The fight drew near and Hanley knew he was getting older and a little slower, not quite as strong as he was when he won the title back 4 years ago; he knew he'd have to use his experience in 5 round fights to beat his opponent and wear him down. The fighters made their walk to the cage and Hanley was ready he knew what he'd have to do completely calm as the fighters were announced it was time. The first round began and immediately Hanley grabbed hold of Fialkowska pushing him to the fence and battering him with his dirty boxing likely securing a 1 round lead. The next three rounds were much of the same with Hanley controlling Fialkowska getting in a takedown here or there. In the fifth round Fialkowska pummeled and tired Hanley with hard shots until Hanley finally secured a takedown in the final minute, he slipped to the mount with about 30 seconds left and threw a devastating barrage of punches. As the bell sounded and Hanley stood up he wasn't sure if he'd done enough to secure the round but he was sure the fight was his. "After five rounds we go to the judges scorecards for a decision the judges score it 49-46. 49-46 and 50-45 for the winner by unanimous decision and... Still GAMMA Super Heavyweight champion of the world, Hanley 'the great white' Polter". The fight was done and Hanley had set a record that was going to be incredibly tough to beat. There was no one in GAMMA who could take him in a 5 round fight, even if he was slowing down a little. Hanley wondered who they had left to face him, maybe a rematch with Glossop. All he really knew was that he was the best Super heavyweight in North America.

(Fight was rated as Decent)



When Hanley was waiting to find out his next opponent he knew it'd be either Teddy Glossop or Yoshitake Motoori who were set to take each other on at a Battle lines event. Hanley thought for sure his rival glossop would be his opponent, but it was not to be. Motoori an unbeaten Japanese prospect that was scooped up from Alpha-1 earlier in the year had only been to a decision twice in his career and was a dangerous striker with strong submission skills. Hanley was excited to test himself against one of the two men at the time who had been Heralded as the "Two best Super Heavyweights in the world". Hanley frankly felt annoyed that he, despite being GAMMA's champion was not considered better than Motoori who had never held the gold in Alpha-1. Hanley's gameplan was the same as usual, go in press his opponent into the cage and look for a takedown if it presents itself; it's not a flashy style by any means but it's the reason he was still champion at 33 years of age. The fight was scheduled for "GAMMA 73 Polter vs Motoori". The first round began and hanley ate some hard strikes on his way in to find the clinch, Hanley managed to use his dirty boxing to gain the upperhand but Motoori was much stronger than he expected and managed to reverse position to land knees to Hanley's body on more than one occasion. The first round had been close and second started out rather similarly with Hanley gaining control of the clinch before Motoori would turn it around and land body shot, the difference this time was that with 1:30 remaining Motoori broke the clinch and began to unleash hard punches and kicks at Hanley who managed to make it through the onslaught and into the third round. The third round began Hanley was exhausted from all the body shots he'd taken to this point, He tried his best to get into the clinch but Motoori kept denying him and keeping his distance. Hanley decided on a desperation move and rushed at Motoori to try and secure a takedown. Hanley came too grappling with the referee, not realising what had happened. Referee Harry Bierce explained to Hanley that he had been knocked out and to remain still while they checked on him. It was over, Hanley stared up at the monitor seeing what happened as he rushed in. As Hanley had rushed in Motoori caught him with a hard kick to the head before landing 4 or 5 more shots on the ground, he felt devastated. Hanley got up and stood there as they read out the official result, he shook his opponent hand and embraced him before leaving the cage, the first defeat of his pro career.

(The fight was rated as Decent)



Hanley's career as a top Super Heavyweight was over, he never found his way back to a title shot. He traded wins and losses for a few years before he was simply too old and the younger more well rounded athletes had completely passed him by, Hanley hasn't retired from the sport but nor does he fight regularly anymore. Despite Hanley's later years, he achieved a feat that would not be matched to this day 5 defences of the Super Heavyweight title, an unlikely champion and certainly not one people saw being as enduring as he was. As Hanley sits back and reflects on his career he remembers the old days fondly. This was the story of Hanley Polter he had the most successful run as Super Heavyweight Champion in GAMMA history and no one can ever take that from him, He was a true warrior, remember his name. "Hanley 'The Great White' Polter".

(Record 16-6-1 2KO wins 1 Submission Win)





Davey Rushton ©: Davey Rushton was the GAMMA Super Heavyweight champion when I bought out GAMMA from the previous owners, due to some inexperience on my part I tried to make sure not to book too many title matches too close together, to make sure a replacement could be made in case of injury. That is why for the first half of 2001 Davey Rushton was kept on the sidelines. Finally after months of waiting I had scheduled him a bout for September, but unfortunately a hand injury delayed his fight with #1 contender Hanley Polter until February of 2002. By the time the fight rolled around Davey wasn't too sure about how his hand would hold up but figured if he could get a quick stoppage victory he could take some time off and get surgery. As Davey walked to the cage as the co headline bout, due to scheduling issues related to the card he was confident in his ability to keep the fight on the feet and being able to pick up the win. The first round began and Davey took quickly to the centre of the cage only to be taken down quickly by his opponent, try as he might to get up, his opponent was simply to big and rained down some very hard punches. Davey managed to survive the round through sheer force of will but was a little wobbly after getting back on his stool. The second round began and this time Davey used his jab to keep distance from Polter before he set up a big left hand, as it connected though rather than feeling his opponent's head snap back the way it normally would, he felt his hand break again. Knowing he should have taken the extra time to get surgery before this fight Davey felt annoyed and lost concentration, only for a moment but long enough for Polter to capitalise and get another takedown. Davey rode out yet another round on the bottom, but he could feel it Polter was punching himself out, now was his chance. Davey came out in the third round knowing he couldn't throw punches with his power hand he kept on the outside of a tiring Polter circling and peppering him with stiff jabs and throwing in the occasional attempt at an elbow when Polter would close inside. The fourth round was more of the same with Davey able to circle and keep on the outside usually he would want to be going forward against a weaker striker like Polter, but unable to throw power punches he was resigned to this much more exhausting style of movement. By the time the fifth round began Davey was also exhausted but knew he just needed to keep on the outside for one more round, for the first minute he did just that maintaining his distance and using his stiff jabs. Unfortunately for Davey in a moment of tiredness he forgot for a moment where he was in the cage and as he circled his back foot hit the cage, causing him to slip and giving his opponent the opportunity he needed. Davey was taken down once more and was kept on the bottom until the bell sounded. As he got up from the floor he knew he'd likely lost, unable to throw his usual power punches he simply couldn't get the pressure he needed on an extremely tough opponent for him. the scorecards were read out but he already knew, the announcer sounding distant to him as he read out "And... NEW". Davey left the cage quickly and quietly to be taken to hospital to receive medical attention for his hand. Davey had lost the title but he knew he would be back for it, he just needed to find his way back.

(Fight was rated as good, received fight of the night)


In Davey Rushton's second fight after I took over he took on a young undefeated fighter in Matas Fialkowska, who was coming of a win over world ranked super heavyweight, Zsolt Hargitay. Rushton was still confident heading into his fight with Matas, taking on a less experienced fighter with a similar style. The fight took place on "Gamma Battle Lines 8: Hughes vs John". On the walk to the cage Rushton felt much better than his previous fight his hand hadn't been giving him any problems and he was ready for a war. The first round started and both fighters charged to the centre of the cage, Davey managed to get the early advantage with his superior boxing technique. Davey landed a number of hard shots as the round wore on, with around 2 minutes to go Fialkowska pulled him into a clinch. Davey felt alright despite taking a few knees to the stomach and a some sharp elbows. After a short elbow landed to the forehead Davey realised he was bleeding, it wasn't the first time and some blood wasn't going to stop him, he just had to get to the end of the round and his corner could take care of it. Unfortunately for Davey with 14 seconds left in the round the referee stepped in to pause the action and waved the doctor over, what Davey had assumed was a small cut was actually a large gash leading from his hairline on the left side of his head down to the bridge of his nose. It was deep and it wasn't going to be able to be closed without stitches, the doctor immediately upon seeing it informed the referee to stop the fight. Just like that it was over a round Davey was likely winning to that point had ended and he was the loser, it infuriated him to no end. Davey didn't stick around for the official decision as he was rushed to hospital to get stitches. In his rage at the Fialkowska fight he took a short notice fight Only 40 Days later against the always dangerous submission specialist George Pickering. Davey would go on to be taken down quickly and submitted in under 2 minutes without offering much offense. It was a Dark time for Davey, He'd gone from being the champion to being on the verge of being cut with three losses in a row; were he in a stronger division he certainly would have been but the Super Heavyweight division needed bodies. Davey said to himself that he wouldn't let this opportunity slip, he took some time off and made sure he would be prepared when his chance came.




(Will continue more when I have time)



"Texas" Teddy Glossop:


Matas "The Beard" Fialkowska:


"The Ultimate Warrior" Yoshitake Motoori ©:


Ikki Yoshinobu ©x2:


Andrew "Napalm" White ©:

Alvin "Solo" Sheridan:

"Captain USA" Tom Lewis ©:

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<p>Heavyweight</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>"The King of Ground and Pound" James Foster ©:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>"The Big Bad" Hassan Fezzik ©:</strong></p><p>


Gyukusho "Fujizilla" Fujimoto ©:</strong></p><p>


Christopher "The Knife Sharp ©:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>"The Great Japanese Hope" Kanezane Fujii ©:</strong></p>

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<p>Light Heavyweight</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>"The Calgary Assassin" Mike Watson ©:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Lawrence "The Law" Herringbone ©:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>"The Tsunami" Jin Katou©:</strong></p><p>


Rafael van der Moot ©x2:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Guilermo "T-Bone" Morales ©:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>"The Demolition Expert" Raul Hughes:</strong></p>

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<p>Middleweight</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Matthew "The Anarchist" Dean ©:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Isaiah "Thump" Monroe ©:</strong></p><p>


Adam "Blitz" White ©:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Heiji "The Immortal" Endo ©:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Thiago Azevedo ©: </strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Tora 'Bull" Mizwar:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Jakuchu Abe:</strong></p><p>


Braulio "Louco" Moura:</strong></p>

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<p>Welterweight</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>"Black Superman" Nathan Chambers ©x2:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Bobby "All Star" Brubaker ©:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Manuel Silva ©:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Diego "Apocalypse" Arteta ©:</strong> </p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Fukusaburo Hirano ©:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>"Devestator" Adam Lashley:</strong></p>

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<p>Lightweight</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>"The Man with no Nickname" Sean Morrison ©x2:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>"Fury Awoken" Sukarno ©:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Helio ©:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Seth "Submission King" O'Breen ©: </strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Kei Maki ©: </strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Ward "Dizzy" Maloprop:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Hugo "Tank" Caballero ©:</strong></p>

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<p>Featherweight</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Phillip "Kid" Ziskie ©:</strong></p><p>


"Samurai Spirit" Tomohiro Takeuchi ©:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>"Lightning" Lammont Banner ©:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Yagi Jokichi ©:</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Li-Kong Ho:</strong></p><p>


Yoshiro Makamori ©:</strong></p><p><strong> </strong></p><p><strong>

Alejandro "Lobo" Laguera:</strong></p>

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I have to echo everyone else in saying I like what you are doing here. GAMMA is my go to company every time I play the game. Though the furthest I think I got was eleven years in. Once the regens become legion I sort of lose interest in the save.
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