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Hello! I'm a young mod maker named Tachty. All of my mods will be uploaded to my website, the link to the website will be below. Currently there are two mods on the website

NXT Breaks - NXT Breaks is based off of Fleisch's February 2017 mod but with a twist. NXT is its own playable company! The background story behind it is Triple H grew tired of his homegrown talent being mistreated once they got called up, so he put in an anonymous bid to by NXT after divorcing Stephanie McMahon. Not only did he get all of NXT's roster, a few loyals opted out of their WWE contract (IE. Bo Dallas, The Ascension) and followed him to NXT. Will you try to take on the powerhouse of WWE or take WWE and try to kill NXT once and for all?


2006 - The generic 2006 mod, based in January. It's realistic.




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