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Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling

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by WrestleCricle's Colton Wilson - December 14th 2015


Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling closed out 2015 last night with "Santa Claus(e in the Contract)" at the Gorksi Ballroom.


Acid II delighted the crowd in the opening four-way with a string of moves made famous by his mentor. The debutant was busy throughout the frantic match. He took out Simon Waves with the Acid-sault onto the arena floor, levelled Jonnie Perez with the Acid Driver in the centre of the ring and later planted Bullseye with the Acid Rain Drop. However victory was not to be his as Jonnie Perez took advantage of the multi-man rules to blast Acid II in the face with a sliding dropkick and cover Bullseye for the pinfall. After the match Cliff Anderson stopped the four competitors as they were picking themselves up and confirmed all four - including the debuting Acid II - would be part of the 2016 Pipe Dream tournament.


The 2015 Pipe Dream tournament winner completed his first successful defence of the Coastal Zone Xtreme Championship in the second match of the night, beating the man he took the title from in the same fashion as their first clash. Waylon Walls and Al Coleman reignited their war and it was once again the willingness (or should that be naivety) of the youngster to fight through pain that helped him keep the belt. Walls trapped Coleman in a bear hug and with the former champion on the wane, he transitioned it into his Double Arm DDT to secure the three count.


Matt Sparrow realised in the build-up to "Santa Claus(e in the Contract)" that he has passed nine consecutive years with CZCW; and he only has one tag team title reign to his name in that time. While posting on Instagram and his blog in the run-up to this show he promised to show-off a new focused mentality as he looks to win the titles that he has missed out on; and in the tag team clash with Rich 'n' Famous, he did pretty well. Flash Sparrow looked back to their title winning best with Sparrow's Bird Brain Buster helping him to get the win over Jackpot Jordan.


Chet Chavez was outclassed in his one-on-one clash with Super Ninja, and easily dispatched following the Ninja Strike. The youngster had requested the match so he could gauge his current level up against one of the best in CZCW; and the overwhelming evidence is so far - not good. Super Ninja dominated from the first to last bell and though Chavez did manage an impressive armbar takedown early on it was one of very few highlights for him in the match.


Very quickly into the four way tag team title match it appeared as though it was two matches contained in the same place as The American Cobras and Going Coastal spent more time focusing on each other than The Wildcats and the defending champions Notorious. The Cobras and GC have been at loggerheads over who is the premier team in CZCW for the last nine months and you'd assume that should lead to both being desperate to win the titles again. Instead it has manifested in them simply trying to beat the other team, and so their only focuses appeared to be on stopping each other win the belts. That left the door wide open for The Wildcats to to better Carlos Barrera and Miguel Rivera, kicking off their first reign as Coastal Zone Tag Team Champions. Both members of the team were scaling the same ladder when Barrera tried to stop them. Sacrificing himself Savage Tiger leapt on Carlos and planted him with a hurricanrana, leaving the path clear for El Jaguar to unhook both title belts.


Frankie Perez has been on an impressive winning run of late and that continued in his final match of 2015. The three-time Coastal Zone Tag Team Champion has taken a little while to acclimatise to singles competition; but for the last four months he's coupled a winning run in CZCW with gaining the World Level Wrestling Modern Japan Championship. He has converted that winning run to four on the bounce with a ferocious victory over Masked Cougar. Perez was made to work hard by his opponent but eventually found a way past the two-time Coastal Zone Champion - utilising his new Bicycle High Knee that he has picked up along the way in Japan to get the pinfall.


The main event saw Fox Mask invoke his rematch clause; but fail to take the title away from Donnie J. The seven-time Coastal Zone Champion ended a five-year gap without a title reign in December 2014 when he bettered Masked Cougar, and there was a feeling as the match wore on that he might repeat the trick and start an eighth time with the belt. However, he couldn't repeat the trick against an old foe. Fox Mask and Donnie J have faced each other so many times that the opening few minutes were littered with reversals and well scouted counters, before a little bit of tiredness set in and it allowed both to be successful with their favoured attacks. Much like his win in August that saw him the belt, Donnie J did have Britney Hollywood to thank for ensuring he won the match. After being dropped with the Fox Hunter for the second time in the match, Hollywood got herself onto the apron and stopped the referee's count. It gave Donnie enough to recover himself, rake at his opponent's mask and then hoist him into the Death on Miami Beach. One slam on the mat later and he had the pinfall.


  • Jonnie Perez def. Acid II, Simon Waves and Bullseye
  • Coastal Zone Xtreme Championship - V1: Waylon Walls © def. Al Coleman to retain
  • Flash Sparrow (American Flash and Matt Sparrow) def. Rich 'n' Famous (Jake Idol and Jackpot Jordan)
  • Super Ninja def. Chet Chavez
  • Coastal Zone Tag Team Championships - V2: The Wildcats (The Jaguar and Savage Tiger) def. Notorious (Carlos Barrera and Miguel Rivera) ©, The American Cobras (Marvel Malloy and Storm Spillane) and Going Coastal (California Love Machine and Frankie-Boy Fernandes) in a ladder match to become the 24th champions
  • Frankie Perez def. Masked Cougar
  • Coastal Zone Championship - V2: Donnie J © def. Fox Mask to retain




by WrestleCricle's Andrew Shaw - December 18th 2015


Following confirmation on Sunday's show - you can read the results here - that the Pipe Dream tournament is returning for a second edition, Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling have announced the full field of eight men that will take part in the star-making tournament. Waylon Walls won the inaugural tournament last year and CZCW have confirmed that previous winners are not allowed to compete again so he has been left out of the competition.


The first four entrants were confirmed during Sunday's show by the company founder Cliff Anderson. They are Simon Waves, Jonnie Perez, Bullseye and Acid II, and they will be joined in the tournament by now former CZCW Tag Team Champions Notorious - Miguel Rivera and Carlos Barrera - as well as Mexican starlet El Mitico Jr and Californian stand-out Fro Sure.


The two night tournament will take place on Saturday February 13th and Sunday February 14th across a double elimination format. Wrestlers need to avoid losing twice to secure a place in a four-way elimination match for the Coastal Zone Pipe Dream Trophy. The winner of the tournament will be able to choose either a Coast Zone Tag Team or Coastal Zone Xtreme Championship shot to take at any point in 2016.


After winning the 2015 tournament in May, Waylon Walls elected to use his Xtreme Championship five months later - and allow himself time to prepare for the match-up. He took on a number of CZCW veterans in the build-up to the match as preparation before successfully defeating Al Coleman for the title in October.




by WrestleCricle's Colton Wilson - December 23rd 2015


United States Pro Wrestling's new year signing spree looks set to take away two of Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling's biggest names in Donnie J and Masked Cougar. So far - as you can read here - the only confirmed new arrival is former CZCW star Remmy Skye though it is likely his confirmation has only come because he is the only wrestler currently not attached to one of the "big" independent companies.


Internet and social media sleuths have noticed a pattern with Roger Cage, Nelson Callum, Hell's Bouncer and Greg Black all quietly being pulled from a host of appearances and shows in February and beyond; and the pattern appears to have extended to Donnie J and Masked Cougar as well.


Thought it is just speculation at the moment, it does paint the upcoming Coast Zone show in a certain light when it is noted that Donnie will defend his title against Frankie Perez at the next show and Masked Cougar will face off with his long-time adversary Fox Mask.


The rest of the "Red Dawn" card features an immediate re-match for the CZCW Tag Team Championships for Notorious as they take on The Wildcats as well as a table match between The American Cobras and Going Coastal. The Grissom Auditorium show is rounded out by a four corners clash featuring Matt Sparrow, Al Coleman, Jackpot Jordan and Air Attack Weasel as well as a Trios match between six of the Pipe Dream tournament entrants.



Sunday January 17th 2016


Air Attack Weasal versus Matt Sparrow versus Al Coleman versus Jackpot Jordan

Fro Sure, Jonnie Perez and Bullseye versus Acid II, El Mitico Jr and Simon Waves

Tables Match: The American Cobras versus Going Coastal

Fox Mask versus Masked Cougar

Coastal Zone Tag Team Championships - V1: The Wildcats © versus Notorious

Coastal Zone Championship - V3: Donnie J © versus Frankie Perez

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<p><strong><span style="font-size:18px;">CZCW: RED DAWN</span></strong></p><p>

<em>Grissom Auditorium</em></p><p><em>

Sunday January 17th 2016</em></p><p> </p><p>

Coast Zone Championship Wrestling said goodbye to two stalwarts as it kicked off 2016 with "Red Dawn". Just days before the show, USPW announced what everyone seemingly already knew - that they had signed both Donnie J and Masked Cougar to contracts. That meant the two final matches of evening started with a slightly sombre mood as both men took their time getting to the ring.</p><p> </p><p>

The main event saw long-time rivals Fox Mask and Masked Cougar clash for one last time, and it was the seven-time Coast Zone Champion that came out on top - though the result seemed irrelevant in the moments after the match. It was clear that Fox Mask and Masked Cougar wanted to mark Cougar's farewell with a fitting clash and they threw everything they could at each other. After some opening tie-ups that saw neither take an advantage and then a trading of strikes that saw both competitors refusing to give up an inch and drew screams from the crowd as their chests grew redder and redder, the match quickly spilled into the air and out of the ring. Both men involved the fans in the action as they cleared the top rope with spectacular dives onto their opponent. The fans lapped up every second of the battle that could have went either way as they each worked through their repertoire of moves trying to get the three count. In the end, Fox Mask needed to use the Fox Hunter twice on his good friend to keep him down for the three count.</p><p> </p><p>

After the match the two men were joined in the ring by CZCW owner Cliff Anderson who orchestrated a fitting farewell for both Masked Cougar and the former Coastal Zone Champion Donnie J, who came back out to the ring to say a final goodbye.</p><p> </p><p>

Donnie J had had every intention of leaving CZCW as champion. After he arrived to the ring for his title match with Frankie Perez, "The Fly Boy" told the crowd that he couldn't think of anything more fitting for his time in the Coastal Zone than for it to end with him leaving at the very top and with no-one able to touch him as the champion. He didn't however bank on Frankie Perez bringing back-up to their match and it was with the help of Katie Cameron - who attacked Britney Hollywood - and Kirk Jameson - who passed Perez a chair and then distracted the referee - that the P-Dog finally got his hands on the Coastal Zone Champion. The match had been quite even up to that point with Perez riding his wave of recent momentum to match Donnie J and even score a few near-falls. He unsettled the champion with an opening barrage of strong kicks, that Donnie countered with a jumping forearm off the ropes and then jumped into his patented somersault leg drop across Perez's throat. It wasn't clear how the match might end when Cameron and Jameson stalked down opposite aisles towards the ring. A few members of the crowd recognised both pretty quickly and the commotion caught the attention of Hollywood who tried to cut Cameron off. Her reward was to be tackled to the ground as Jameson helped Perez in the ring. Frankie blasted Donnie in the ribs with the chair and then planted him directly onto it with a DDT before locking him into the P-Clutch to force the submission victory.</p><p> </p><p>

The American Cobras and Going Coastal took their ongoing rivalry to another level with their tables match at Red Dawn. Marvel Malloy and Storm Spillane showed up carrying a ladder to immediately pique the interest of the crowd, and the match kicked off with Frankie-Boy Fernandes diving through the ropes onto both members of the opposition team and their ladder to really get things going. All four looked immediately happy to put their bodies on the line and it wasn't long before the ring area was littered with discarded tables, chairs and the ladder. Fernandes was the first man eliminated when he got caught in a neckbreaker attempt by both Cobras and was on the wrong end of a double powerbomb into a table set up in the corner. California Love Machine did manage to level the scores at 1-1 each with a frankly terrifying suplex of Storm Spillane off the ladder, out of the ring and through a table but the exertion he put in to battle with both members of The Cobras eventually proved too much. Malloy was able to win the match with a Frog Splash through CLM and a table in the centre of the ring. Though given that no-one walked away at the end of the match under their own steam, it's hard to argue anyone felt like a real winner.</p><p> </p><p>

The four corners clash between Air Attack Weasal, Matt Sparrow, Al Coleman and Jackpot Jordan had the potential to be fun match - except that Jake Idol couldn't stay away and couldn't stay quiet. Within seconds of the match starting Idol was giving his opinion to the American Flash - who accompanied Sparrow - as well as the two non-legal men in the match about how his tag team partner was going to wipe the floor with them. It lead to a number of distractions to the match as first American Flash levelled the cocky star with a running dropkick, and he was then treated to a splash from AAW who tossed himself over the ropes and onto Idol. Matt Sparrow eventually picked up the win when he hit the Bird Brain Buster on Jordan; though it was interesting to see both Air Attack Weasal and Coleman giving Idol a peace of their mind as they picked themselves up after the match.</p><p> </p><p>

The opening match was a bright affair as six of the eight entrants in the Pipe Dream tournament clashed in a trios match. With the teams thrown together and with the draw for the tournament yet to take place, there was some tension in the air amongst the two line-ups as the match got underway. Acid II delighted the crowd by taking to the air very early on, though both Jonnie Perez and Bullseye weren't going to allow Acid to outshine them and bodies were soon flying over all four top ropes. Fro Sure and El Mitico Jr used their relative bulk to dominate though they didn't have the power to stop any dive attacks that came their way. The match descended into chaos after Simon Waves took a cheap shot on Fro Sure as he stood on the ring apron, and in amongst the madness Acid II and El Mitico Jr very nearly came to blows with each other - despite being on the same team. As they stood frozen with clenched fists, Jonnie Perez crept behind them and dropkicked Acid into El Mitico. The luchador was sent tumbling from the ring and Perez dropped Acid with his Jumping Reverse DDT to steal victory.</p><p> </p><p>

Notorious looked keen to fight their rematch for the tag team titles on their own terms when they attacked the new champions as they walking to the ring. Carlos Barrera and Miguel Rivera were clearly well aware of the unbeaten run that The Wildcats have been on since joining CZCW and started out with underhand tactics to give themselves the best chance. Unfortunately for the ex-champions, they couldn't retain that advantage for very long and were soon struggling against the rampant El Jaguar. He elbowed free of Rivera's clutches and then took Barrera with a splash off the ring apron. Once referee Jeffrey Davis officially got the match underway, Notorious struggled to match the wrestling ability of Savage Tiger and El Jaguar. Though they remained dangerous when one of the champions got close enough for their fists to do some damage, Notorious were dispatched in a fairly routine manner. Savage Tiger completed victory with the Savage Suplex on Barrera.</p><p> </p><p>

<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">CZCW: Red Dawn Results</span></strong></p><p> </p><p>

</p><ul><li>Fro Sure, Jonnie Perez and Bullseye def. Acid II, El Mitico Jr and Simon Waves - Perez over Acid (Jumping Reverse DDT)<br /></li><li><strong>Coastal Zone Tag Team Championship - V1:</strong> El Jaguar and Savage Tiger (The Wildcats) © def. Carlos Barrera and Miguel Rivera (Notorious) - Jaguar over Barrera (450 Splash)<br /></li><li>Matt Sparrow def. Air Attack Weasal, Al Coleman and Jackpot Jordan - Sparrow over Jordan (Bird Brain Buster)<br /></li><li><strong>Tables Match:</strong> Marvel Malloy and Storm Spillane (The American Cobras) def. California Love Machine and Frankie-Boy Fernandes (Going Coastal)<br /></li><li><strong>Coastal Zone Championship - V3:</strong> Frankie Perez def. Donnie J © to become the 31st champion (P-Clutch)<br /></li><li>Fox Mask def. Masked Cougar<br /></li></ul><p></p>

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<p><img alt="post2pic2.jpg" data-src="https://image.ibb.co/hHEg2v/post2pic2.jpg" src="<___base_url___>/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png" /></p><p>

<strong><span style="font-size:18px;"><span style="color:#9932CC;">///</span></span></strong><strong><span style="font-size:18px;"> PEREZ, JAMESON AND CAMERON FORM THE NEW FUTURE</span></strong></p><p>

<em>by </em><em><span style="color:#00FFFF;">WrestleCricle</span></em><em>'s Andrew Shaw - January 18th 2016</em></p><p> </p><p>

Following the controversial manner in which Frankie Perez managed to capture the Coastal Zone Championship from Donnie J, the new champion appeared with his cohorts in the match at a press conference to announce that they have officially formed "The New Future". Perez stood alongside Kirk Jameson and Katie Cameron as they promised to drag CZCW kicking and screaming into the future.</p><p> </p><p>

"Donnie, Masked Cougar, Fox Mask have been around too long in Coastal Zone. They have refused to help this place move on, but it is time for a champion to lead from the front," Perez stated. "Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling shouldn't be a proving ground for hopefuls that want to step up. It shouldn't be TCW, SWF and USPW's company of choice when they need to replenish their stock. It should be a place that people want to stay in, that wrestlers want to compete in and that the best want to remain in. It's time to open the eyes of the entire Coastal Zone roster and make them realise that it's time to move beyond our current boundaries and go higher. We must rebuild CZCW from the ashes of the old, but will new blood, a renowned focus and a desire to be the best that we can be - and anyone that knows how great this place can be, we invite you to join us."</p><p> </p><p>

Kirk Jameson was quick to back-up Perez's claims despite being a newcomer to CZCW. "When I first started training to be a wrestler, the place everyone in my class always wanted to be good enough for was Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling. We knew that if we had the skills required to be part of the best wrestling show in the North America there wouldn't be much we couldn't have achieved; but that's not the case any more. The Coastal Zone is old news and it's because of wrestlers like Fox Mask getting comfortable. It's time for the New Future to be realised."</p><p> </p><p>

Katie Cameron - a regular in 4C - reminded everyone that she had "discovered" Jacob Jett in Canada and would be taking charge of recruitment for the New Future cause. Perez finished off by predicting that 2016 would end with The New Future holding every championship available in CZCW.</p><p> </p><p>

<img alt="post2pic1.jpg" data-src="https://image.ibb.co/mFtxaF/post2pic1.jpg" src="<___base_url___>/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png" /></p><p>

<span style="font-size:18px;"><strong><span style="color:#9932CC;">///</span></strong></span><span style="font-size:18px;"><strong> ART REED TO DEBUT FOR CZCW; TWO NON-TOURNAMENT MATCHES SIGNED</strong></span></p><p>

<em>by </em><em><span style="color:#00FFFF;">WrestleCricle</span></em><em>'s Andrew Shaw - January 22nd 2016</em></p><p> </p><p>

The "Pure Athlete" Art Reed is set to make his long-awaited return to North America and his much longed-for debut with Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling over the Valentine's weekend. The 41 year-old will take part in a trios match on night one teaming with Frankie Perez and fellow debutant Kirk Jameson to take on Fox Mask, Matt Sparrow and Super Ninja in the main event of the first night of the 2016 Pipe Dream Tournament.</p><p> </p><p>

Confident Coastal Zone Champion Frankie Perez tweeted not long after the match was announced that should anyone other than Frankie or Kirk Jameson score the pinfall or submission in the match, he will reward them with the first defence of his title on night two of the weekend.</p><p> </p><p>

Best known to American fans from his time in DAVE and formidable series of clashes with the original Acid, Reed left the USA over nine years ago to become a regular with Japan's second biggest wrestling company, Pride Glory Honor Wrestling. In that time Reed has worked his way up the ranks in Japan and now ranks alongside William Hayes, Raymond Diaz and Simon Flemmingway as one of the top foreign wrestlers on the PGHW roster and he should be an interesting prospect in amongst the Coastal Zone roster.</p><p> </p><p>

Two other non-tournament matches have been confirmed for the weekend with The American Cobras taking on Rich 'n' Famous on night one and Al Coleman and Air Attack Weasal pairing up for the first time after seemingly bonding over a hatred of Jake Idol to take on Going Coastal on night two.</p><p> </p><p>

<img alt="post2pic3.jpg" data-src="https://image.ibb.co/iGxqvF/post2pic3.jpg" src="<___base_url___>/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png" /><img alt="post2pic4.jpg" data-src="https://image.ibb.co/nQAX9a/post2pic4.jpg" src="<___base_url___>/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png" /></p><p>

<strong><span style="font-size:18px;"><span style="color:#FF00FF;">///</span></span></strong><strong><span style="font-size:18px;"> AAA SET FOR SHOWCASE MATCH AT CZCW PIPE DREAM TOURNAMENT</span></strong></p><p>

<em>from </em><em><span style="color:#FF00FF;">AAA's Front Office</span></em><em> - January 23rd 2016</em></p><p> </p><p>

Angel Atheltic Association are pleased to confirm that after a near 12 year absence from Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling shows, women's wrestling will be making a return next month. AAA will presenting a showcase match at the upcoming CZCW 2016 Pipe Dream tournament with current AAA Femme Fatale champion Sara Marie York taking on one half of the AAA Tag Team Champions Kate Lily in a non-title match.</p><p> </p><p>

One of the best wrestlers on the planet, Sara Marie York has been a mainstay in AAA since joining the Cat's Lair dojo as student and then eventual graduation to the main roster in 2003. In that time she has racked a multitude of title reigns and is currently in her third reign as the top woman in AAA. Her opponent will be Kate Lily who until recently has been heraldly as a tag team specialist only. Lily and her partner Debbie Rose have notched up four reigns with the AAA Tag Team gold though the last 18 months has seen both breaking out into their regards as singles competitors as well - mostly to ensure they keep various contenders to their tag supremacy in check.</p><p> </p><p>

Their clash promises to be an interesting match-up and one we feel confident that Coastal Zone regulars will enjoy.</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>CZCW PIPE DREAM, night one</strong></p><p>

<em>Saturday February 13th 2016</em></p><p> </p><p>

The American Cobras vs. Rich 'n' Famous</p><p>

Fox Mask, Matt Sparrow and Super Ninja vs. Art Red and The New Future</p><p>

<strong>Coastal Zone Pipe Dream Tournament:</strong> Miguel Rivera vs. Bullseye</p><p>

<strong>Coastal Zone Pipe Dream Tournament:</strong> El Mitico Jr vs. Carlos Barrera</p><p>

<strong>Coastal Zone Pipe Dream Tournament:</strong> Acid II vs. Simon Waves</p><p>

<strong>Coastal Zone Pipe Dream Tournament:</strong> Jonnie Perez vs. Fro Sure</p><p>

<strong>AAA Showcase:</strong> Sara Marie York vs. Kate Lily</p><p>

<em>...plus four more Pipe Dream tournament matches!</em></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>CZCW PIPE DREAM, night two</strong></p><p>

<em>Sunday February 14th 2016</em></p><p> </p><p>

Going Coastal vs. Air Attack Weasal and Al Coleman </p><p>

<strong>Coastal Zone Pipe Dream Tournament Final:</strong> ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???</p><p>

<em>...plus much, much more!</em></p>

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<p><strong><span style="font-size:18px;">CZCW: 2016 PIPE DREAM TOURNAMENT, night one</span></strong></p><p>

<em>Grissom Auditorium</em></p><p><em>

Saturday February 13th 2016</em></p><p> </p><p>

The young, upcoming stars of Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling took centre stage on the first night of the second annual Pipe Dream Tournament with eight matches in the competition taking up the majority of the show. All eight competitors in the tournament looked eager to impress as they bounded to the ring for their matches, and it was of no surprise to see everyone attempt to fight to their strengths. Both members of Notorious - Carlos Barrera and Miguel Rivera - kept things simple with their hard strikes and tried to stop their opponents from taking to the air, while Bullseye, Acid II, Jonnie Perez and Simon Waves didn't need second invitations to bounce off the ropes. El Mitico Jr and Fro Sure proved themselves to be the most complete of the fighters as they mixed up their offence to suit the weakness of their two opponents during the evening.</p><p> </p><p>

The aim for everyone competing on night one was relatively simple - win both of their matches to qualify for the final showdown on night two; and that was eventually achieved by Acid II and Jonnie Perez. </p><p> </p><p>

Acid bettered Simon Waves in a frantic first clash, and just about managed to sneak past Miguel Rivera in a bruising affair by both men. Rivera thumped Acid II with a massive Shot In The Dark lariat that would have ended 99 matches out of 100, except that he struck his opponent with such force that Acid II bounced through the ropes and out of the ring. That gave him just enough time to recover, kick out of the eventual pin attempt and then mount a comeback. Perez's route was arguably tougher as he fought his way past the two biggest men in the competition - pinning Fro Sure with an opportune crucifix takedown, before wriggling out of El Mitico Jr's German Suplex and planting the masked star with his Jumping Reverse DDT. The Dirty Dawg put everything he could into overcoming the two bigger men, eventually striking at the right moment - thanks to his relatively superior experience.</p><p> </p><p>

All four of those defeated wrestlers will however be back on night two to face off for the final two spots in the Pipe Dream Tournament final as it was Bullseye and Carlos Barrera who crashed out of the competition, losing both of their matches. Bullseye found himself on the wrong end of Rivera's Shot In The Dark lariat in the opening match of the night and with his neck still troubling him, he came up short against Fro Sure in his second match. Barrera paid the price for trying to finish his matches too often and too quickly. El Mitico Jr countered an attempt to hit the Notorious DDT into a German Suplex while Simon Waves was always too fresh to avoid the move, and eventually planted Barrera with the Waves Crash moonsault to retain his hopes of winning the tournament.</p><p> </p><p>

That leaves Rivera, Waves, Fro Sure and El Mitico all set to clash in the opening two matches of night two, with the two winners joining Jonnie Perez and Acid II in the tournament final.</p><p> </p><p>

Before the main event of the evening, Frankie Perez repeated his promise to award a title shot to anyone that managed to score the pinfall in the trios main event - assuming someone other than the champion or Kirk Jameson managed to do it. And though The New Future ended up on the winning team, it was the debutant Art Reed who scored the fall and immediately motioned to Perez that he was coming for the belt. The main event was an entertaining clash throughout with all six men delighting the crowd - even if Super Ninja did show a new side of his personality by purposefully avoiding Reed where possible. Never previously one to back down from a fight, the Ninja quickly got himself out of the ring whenever Reed was tagged in by his partners, which didn't help a line-up that was already tense on account of the purposed title shot on offer. Reed scored the fall when he locked Matt Sparrow in the Dread Lock as everyone else in the match brawled outside the ring, and then made sure to get Frankie Perez's attention as the champion slipped backstage with his New Future cohorts.</p><p> </p><p>

Other than the loaded main event, the match of the night was the showcase clash between Sara Marie York and Kate Lily of the Angel Athletic Association. Both competitors quickly got the somewhat sceptical Coastal Zone faithful onside with an uncompromising opening exchange that had both quickly gasping for air and the crowd itching for now. York utilised a vast array of intricate holds to slow down Lily who had the reigning Femme Fatale reeling early on after a turnbuckle bulldog and then a diving senton from the top rope as she tried to scramble away. SMY picked away at Lily's defences before blasting her with the Energy Burst to win. The pair were serenaded on their way backstage with "please come back!" chants.</p><p> </p><p>

The other match on the show ended in chaos as the rivalry between The American Cobras and Going Coastal continued. California Love Machine and Frankie-Boy Fernandes weren't even trying to be subtle when they got involved in the tag team clash between the Cobras and their opponents Rich 'n' Famous. They crept to the ring but as soon as Marvel Malloy spotted them, both Coastal members wielded steel chairs and used them on all four competitors in the match. The assault ended after CLM planted Storm Spillane with a piledriver onto a chair in the centre of the ring.</p><p> </p><p>

<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">CZCW: 2016 Pipe Dream Tournament, night one results</span></strong></p><p> </p><p>

</p><ul><li><strong>Pipe Dream Tournament:</strong> Miguel Rivera (1-0) def. Bullseye (0-1) (Shot In The Dark)<br /></li><li><strong>Pipe Dream Tournament:</strong> El Mitico Jr (1-0) def. Carlos Barrera (0-1) (German Suplex)<br /></li><li><strong>Pipe Dream Tournament:</strong> Acid II (1-0) def. Simon Waves (0-1) (Acid Rain Drop)<br /></li><li><strong>Pipe Dream Tournament:</strong> Jonnie Perez (1-0) def. Fro Sure (0-1) (crucifix takedown)<br /></li><li><strong>AAA Showcase:</strong> Sara Marie York def. Kate Lily (Energy Burst)<br /></li><li>Marvel Malloy and Storm Spillane (The American Cobras) vs. Jackpot Jordan and Jake Idol (Rich 'n' Famous) ended in a no contest<br /></li><li><strong>Pipe Dream Tournament Eliminator:</strong> Simon Waves (1-1) def. Carlos Barrera (0-2) (Waves Crash)<br /></li><li><strong>Pipe Dream Tournament Eliminator:</strong> Fro Sure (1-1) def. Bullseye (0-2) (Sure Thing)<br /></li><li><strong>Pipe Dream Tournament:</strong> Acid II (2-0) def. Miguel Rivera (1-1) (Acid Rain Drop)<br /></li><li><strong>Pipe Dream Tournament:</strong> Jonnie Perez (2-0) def. El Mitico Jr (1-1) (Jumping Reverse DDT)<br /></li><li>Frankie Perez and Kirk Jameson (The New Future) and Art Reed def. Fox Mask, Matt Sparrow and Super Ninja - Reed over Sparrow (Dread Lock)<br /></li></ul><p></p>

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