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DADA Wrestling Arts

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DADA Wrestling Arts



Da·da ˈdädä/ noun

Definition: An early-20th-century international movement in art, literature, music, and film, repudiating and mocking artistic and social conventions and emphasizing the illogical and absurd.


Origin: French, literally ‘hobbyhorse,’ the title of a review that appeared in Zurich in 1916.



Sir Dunton Hall, billionaire Renaissance Man, omniglot, inventor and all around memetic genius moved to Florida in 2016 to help with Everglades conservation and restoration. However, Sir Dunton was never one to limit himself on one project at a time and also used his fortune to fund a pro wrestling show with bizarre concepts and "special effects". And thus DADA Wrestling Arts was born.



Brendan Idol- Pro Wrestling Pop Star Looking To Form A Wrestling Boy Band

Buck Winchester- A Man Possessed By The Ghost Of An Old West Sherrif

Claire Winters- Cryokinetic Looking To Cure Herself Of Her Powers

Conner Threepwood- Time-Displaced Pirate Looking For A Way Home

Laura Flame- Pyrokinetic Superhero Looking To Practice Her Combat Skills

Ray Snow- FBI Agent Part Of A Special Paranormal Task Force

Riley McManus- Space Pilot Hiding From Andromedans

The Silencer- Anti-Metahuman Vigilante


Her Code Name Was "Mary Sue" Card:

-Tournament for the DADA Weightweight Championship

First Round:

Riley McManus vs Ray Snow

The Silencer vs Buck Winchester

Laura Flame vs Claire Winters

Conner Threepwood vs Brendan Idol


Winner of McManus/Snow vs Winner of Silencer/Winchester

Winner of Flame/Winters vs Winner of Threepwood/Idol


Winner of the Two Semifinals



EDITORS NOTE: First two shows have already been written. THERE ARE NO ERRORS IN THESE SHOWS. So if you think there are, you are wrong.

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<p>looks like a cool concept! I like the starting roster and their characters. Can't wait to see more!</p><p>

Her Code Name Was "Mary Sue" Card:</p><p>

-Tournament for the DADA Weightweight Championship</p><p>

First Round:</p><p>

Riley McManus vs <strong>Ray Snow</strong></p><p>

<strong>The Silencer</strong> vs Buck Winchester</p><p>

<strong>Laura Flame</strong> vs Claire Winters</p><p>

Conner Threepwood vs <strong>Brendan Idol</strong></p><p>


Winner of McManus/<strong>Snow</strong> vs Winner of Silencer/Winchester</p><p>

Winner of Flame/Winters vs Winner of Threepwood/<strong>Idol</strong></p><p>


Idol via shenanigans</p>

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<p>Her Code Name Was "Mary Sue" Card:</p><p>

-Tournament for the DADA Weightweight Championship</p><p>

First Round:</p><p>

<strong>Riley McManus</strong> vs Ray Snow</p><p>

<strong>The Silencer</strong> vs Buck Winchester</p><p>

<strong>Laura Flame</strong> vs Claire Winters</p><p>

<strong>Conner Threepwood</strong> vs Brendan Idol</p><p>


Winner of McManus/Snow vs Winner of <strong>Silencer</strong>/Winchester</p><p>

Winner of <strong>Flame</strong>/Winters vs Winner of Threepwood/Idol</p><p>



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DADA Presents: Her Code Name Was "Mary Sue"


1. The Last Quarterfinal

We round out the last of the quarterfinals now as Conner Threepwood does battle with Brandon Idol, the people attending solidly behind Threepwood thanks to his opponent's musical performance. It's a back and forth battle that finishes when Idol misses the Idolizer (Hollywood Star Press) allowing Threepwood to put him in the Monkey Island Driver (Here It Is Driver) for the pinfall.


2. McManus is Backstage

...And remarking how odd Earth has gotten since he returned home from the Andromeda Galaxy. Cue The Silencer who rants at him about how the metahumans are ruining America, and tries to get McManus to his cause. McManus says he has no opinion on the matter, leaving Silencer to warn him that if he's not against the metahumans, he's with them.


3. Meanwhile...

Silencer is in the back, preparing for his match. He watches a TV showing Laura Flame stopping a bank robbery, and spits on the ground, calling her a 'freak' that's duped the media. He then grabs his shotgun, checks to see that it's loaded, and pumps it before heading out.


4. Brendan Idol is in the ring

...But before his Quarterfinal match he wants to let everyone know he's looking to form a band, which he calls 5 Count Rope Break, but for now he's going to treat everyone to his latest solo single, "Girl". Which is basically just him singing the word "Girl" in different ways for two minutes straight.


5. The First Semifinal

Back to the action as Riley McManus and The Silencer square off face to face. Silencer is threateining McManus again but he's having none of it, leading to a brawl that briefly spills to the floor, where Silencer gains the upper hand. Silencer looks to teach McManus not to be a 'mutie lover' the hard way by trying to hit him with the butt of his shotgun, but McManus ducks and answers with the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster (Black Tornado Slam) to punch a ticket to the finals.


6. Earlier That Night

Ray Snow was at his office at Ft Lauderdale FBI headquarters, where he's told by his boss, the head of the Vanguard Superhuman Crimes Unit, to investigate the high level of metahuman activity in the city. His boss goes on to mention there's a wrestling promotion believed to be involved somehow. Snow put on a suit jacket and heads out.


7. The First Quarterfinal

In the ring now as space fugitive Riley McManus tangles with Ray Snow. Snow tries to interrogate Riley while putting him in various submission holds but Riley has little answers, having just arrived at Ft Lauderdale. Snow tries to get more aggressive but Riley punishes him for his mistakes, countering a side slam attempt with a slingshot suplex, following up with the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster to win the first ever match here in DADA Wrestling Arts.


8. The Finalists Square Off

Riley McManus and Claire Winters make their entrances (Riley to "Space Truckin'" by Deep Purple, Winters to "Trapped Under Ice" by Metallica) and have a stare down before both of them look up to the DADA Weightweight title, as we're about to decide our first champion!


9. The Tournament Final

McManus and Winters are evenly matched so far but Winters goes low to get the ladder. McManus manages to keep her from setting it up eventually hitting her with a suplex onto the ladder to try to make the climb but Winters catches him and sends him tumbling. The two battle again, McManus trying to incapacitate her with Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster but Winters slips out and uses a Capture Suplex to take over. Winter goes up the ladder again but McManus gets a second wind. Winters takes off her glove to try to hit McManus with her Cryo Fist, but McManus ducks, allowing him to hit a back suplex off the ladder. This allows him to climb the ladder and grab the title, holding in the air victoriously.


10. The Third Quarterfinal

The metahumans of fire and ice do battle as Laura Flame takes on Claire Winters, the two focusing less on using their superhuman powers and more on their kickboxing abilities. However Winters, who was training to be a pro MMA fighter before her metahuman abilities manifested, has more experience and eventually takes control. Laura tries to hit the Flame Fire Kick (Pyrokinetically-enchanced enzuigiri) but Claire ducked it, taking her glove off and freezing the air around her hand to form an ice boxing glove, a hard hook punch knocking Laura out cold. Claire's Cryo Fist has claimed its first victim!


11. Sir Dunton Hall makes an appearance

And asking the live audience if they've enjoyed the matches so far. They cheer and Hall calls attention to the title hanging from the rafters. He says that that is the DADA Weightweight Championship Belt, and that Riley McManus and Claire Winters will be battling for it... IN A LADDER MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATCH~!


12. Earlier That Night

Claire Winters is in a gym training, and Laura Flame approaches her, asking why she's in a full body outfit, noting that it's really hot in the gym. Claire takes off her glove and touches the heavy bag, which freezes into a block of ice. Flame notes that it reminds of her of the raid of a genetic research lab, Winters not saying anything about it. Flame persists but Claire takes a swing with her with her ungloved hand, which Flame avoids by scant inches. "Stay away from me, celebrity," Claire says with contempt before leaving.


13. In The Back

Winters is putting her glove back on backstage, saying that nobody understands what it's like to be a 'freak', saying that Flame is the worst of them, playing hero. Flame doesn't set fire to things when she doesn't want to, Winters laments. Winters concludes her rant by saying that when she wins the title, things will be different.


14. The Second Quarterfinal

The Silencer is in action against Cowboy Buck Winchester, decked in full cowboy gear. Silencer, himself in urban camo BDUs, asks Winchester if he's one of the metahuman freaks. Winchester says he doesn't even know what a metahuman is, Silencer taking that as a lie of some kind and the two brawl in and out of the ring. Winchester got the upper hand with a lariat, putting Silencer on the top rope back towards the ring, but whatever he was setting up ended with Silencer knocking him off with a back elbow, Silencer adjusting himself before delivering a flying elbow called The Drop Zone for the three count.


15. The Second Semifinal

Now to find out who will be joining Riley McManus in the finals as Claire Winters battles Connor Threepwood. Claire was favoring her leg after taking several leg kicks from Laura Flame and Connor took advantage working it over, but when he tried for a Figure Four she kicked him off and he fell facefirst into the middle rope hard. Winters took control until a kneelkick was caught and Connor hit a powerbomb for a nearfall. Connor tried for the Monkey Island Driver but Claire found out of it rolling into a side control Kimura. Connor got to the ropes but when he stood up he was favoring his arm leaving him wide open to Cryo Fist to secure the pinfall.

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