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Major OMG angles Vs Standard?

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Anyway to simulate the difference between Major rare OMG angles Vs Standard?




Big Monster attacks the champ backstage dealing out a vicious assault


Role 1: Rated on Menace, Minor Success, Etc

Role 2: Rated on Overness, Minor Defeat, Etc


Big Monster attacks the champ backstage and dumps him in a trash compactor which is then turned on and the champ appears to have been crushed.


Role 1: Rated on Menace, Major Success, Etc

Role 2: Rated on Overness, Major Defeat, Etc


Both will have the same rating and reflect the workers Menace and Overness and the actual OMG off the angle has no effect.


Has this ever been discussed?


I think 'Impact' where we currently have Minor/Major should have OMG or something similar which can only be used once per year etc

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<p>The problem with your suggestion is space. Who would want to carry a bunch of angles that they're not going to use? Also, if you have say 18 angles you can only use X times per year, where is the downside to that? The fact that they can't be used on every show? I don't think that's enough of a 'con' to make up for the overwhelming 'pros' of something like that.</p><p> </p><p>

Generally speaking, from the examples you gave, the 'OMG' factor would come from the content risk. A segment where someone is portrayed to have died a grisly death (as would be expected of someone run through a trash compactor) would probably have high content risk due to the implied graphic nature of the content. You don't have to show blood and gore for something to be considered graphic in nature, after all.</p><p> </p><p>

I don't know if it's still in, but at one time in the series, there was a mechanic that allowed angles to, for lack of a better word, 'crit'. It was made to simulate things like the Austin 3:16 promo in how it affected the worker(s) in question. That might be close to what you're looking for. However, a 'gimme' like an angle (or group of angles) that are considered and treated special in some way just seems like a HUGE 'I WIN' button.</p>

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Well sometimes an angle doesn't have the effect you want. Something minor like, "hey let's give Austin a mic since he just won a tournament" can have a bigger impact than, "hey let's shoot an angle where Big Boss Man steals The Big Show's dead father's casket with him still in it."
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