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What type of TV deal should I choose?

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<p>I'm very competitive when I play games. I like to win and I HATE to lose. I tried to play TEW solely on trying to win, and it wasn't fun. Having fun is my first priority, but I still have the goal of wanting to win. I'm playing PGHW in the Cornellverse 2010 mod. I want to beat out BHOTWG as the top promotion in Japan, and eventually want to make them sink to around 9th so I can become the top promotion in Japan by a good margin. With that I'll be able to have a good deal more money than them which will allow me to get most of the top Japanese talent. After this is done than I can focus on trying to be the number 1 promotion in the world. BHOTWG starts out as the #3 promotion in the world and they are at a national level. PGHW starts out as the #4 promotion in the world and they are at a cult level. </p><p> </p><p>

I looked around at the talent of the top companies in the game, and it is pretty obvious that PGHW starts out with better talent overall than BHOTWG. I also think PGHW starts with the second best roster in the game. SWF is first. So I think my goals are realistic. For anyone that played TEW 2010 do you feel like this is an accurate perception? </p><p> </p><p>

I'm trying to think of what type of TV deal I should take. Should I go for the 1 that provides a lot of money but not as much popularity growth? Should I go for the 1 that provides good popularity growth but not as much money, or should I go with the 1 that is mixed? </p><p> </p><p>

The 1 that favors money seems like the best 1 to me. I'm new to playing the game (before I could never stick with a game even though I first bought it with TEW 2008), but I have noticed a big difference in money when choosing the option that favored money. First off, with the extra money I can be better prepared for the tsunami. Yes, I might sacrifice popularity gains but with the extra money I will be able to take most of BHOTWG's top talent. There isn't much there to begin with and taking most of what they have left will make their popularity drop very quickly. They drop to around 8th and I should have a good deal more money than anyone in Japan which means I can pay the most and get most of the top talent in Japan longterm. </p><p> </p><p>

The reason I am thinking of choosing the gaining popularity option is because the roster is old and I don't know how much time I have left before age starts to affect the roster's performance (I haven't actually started the game yet to look at time decline because I'm still changing some things in the database). Shuji Inukai, Nobuatso Tutsuko, and Mito Miwa are already retired in TEW 2017 so they don't have many good years left. Eisaku Kunomasu, Yoshimi Mushashibo, and PRIDE Koiso also will be getting up there in age pretty soon. When Inukai, Tusuko, and Miwa start going downhill that also means 3 tag teams with huge tag team experience bonuses go downhill also, and I want to get the tag title prestige up to the level of the world title. Plus putting on great shows will give you good money.</p><p> </p><p>

Am I putting way too much thought into this? Yes, probably. The game is no fun when you play only for success. I book and play for fun. But, I still like to have a plan in the back of my mind on how I want to have some success. I'm surprised there isn't more talk on the forum about trying to be successful in the game. Then again maybe I'm too competitive lol.</p>

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