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The Future of TEW and the C-Verse

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I'm liking 2016 and I don't see a need for another game for year or two yet but what would you like to see added to the next addition of TEW?


What would you like to see in the C-Verse going forward?



While I don't mind the price of the game as you get a great amount of replay value from the game and will last a hell of a lot longer than most AAA PC/console games. With these days of super HD graphics and powerful performance I do see it more and more difficult to keep attracting younger fans to pay the price for a click game despite how awesome it is. To counter this and the winey millennial cheapskates I feel that they would demand more noticeable additions to a next iteration, not saying being able to watch a match unfold with HD graphics but enough noticeable additions to make the game a noticeable difference. Whilst the game mechanic differences are notifiable, I feel sometimes it's overlooked by buyers of the game and people deciding if to get the latest instalment of the series.


Do you see it differently?



In terms of new features, I would like more interactivity ,maybe conversations with your workers that develop relationships and their responses would depend on what their moral is and what type of person they are. See Football Manager for how they developed it over the last 5 or 6 years.


More detail with merchandising and who is selling how much of it, even a break down of shirts,posters, etc etc




Maybe more detail with broadcasters, like things are done more and more online now, with online services, youtube being available around the world, kinda like low profit but high potential to get out to wider audience for the small/ regional promotions.






In terms of the C-Verse,I like a lot of the characters, however I felt a 16 needed a good chunk more future workers. I know it's something to do with balancing maybe.


I feel that some of the characters are samey pic or stats wise,like . Maybe having a fullbody pic of them, to show their size,their attire will show more of a character or gimmick and inspire people to do more with workers.


More dynamic news reports for shows, like details or spots if you've had a Hell in a Cell and their was a table bump ala Foley then it would be nice if there was a line just stating, like fans popped for Foley going through the announce desk from on top of the HIAC.


Following the last point if a spot resulted in injuries to the worker or shocked fans too much then a report would follow stating that the injuries suffered by foley in cell match has cause backlash with fans and broadcasters stating their concern about things like that happening again.


Or on the other side a report stating that the spot has gotten a huge reaction by fans everywhere and gave the show/wrestlers boost.




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