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C-Verse Extra Broadcasters?

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<blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-username="Derek B" data-cite="Derek B" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="44237" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div>There are a bunch in the Cv97 mod specifically to cover small regional level broadcasters and some multi-region level ones that are great for helping smaller companies to grow. <img alt=":)" data-src="//content.invisioncic.com/g322608/emoticons/smile.png.142cfa0a1cd2925c0463c1d00f499df2.png" src="<___base_url___>/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png" /></div></blockquote><p> </p><p> Ahhh, right, I remember seeing some different broadcasters there.</p><p> Thanks!</p>
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