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Banned Warriors (Real World 2008 mod) v1.0

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What is this?

Banned Warriors is a real world 2008 mod based off Tag's Community Modern Warriors mod. While the mod draws from Modern Warriors (with Tag's permission of course) for data entry and pictures, every single fighter in the mod has had their stats hand edited to accurately reflect their 2008 counterparts. And I didn't just steal from Tag either, there are tons of fighters who have never been featured in a Modern Warrior release.


For me, this is the perfect MMA era from a gameplay standpoint. Pride's death flooded the free agent market with a lot of popular and unsigned talent. The smaller weight classes were really starting to take off and produce stars that would remain at the forefront for the sport for years to come. Women's MMA was also just starting to hatch from its egg with the help of women like Gina Carano. Finally, many of today's biggest stars made their debut's around this time, so you have a chance to play with your favorite fighters from their infancy. This being a historical mod, we have the benefit of being able to iterate over the same fighters without having to worry about constantly updating things every event, so please, chime in on any stat or attribute changes you'd like to see.


What's done

-800 characters so far, many of them debuting as the game goes on.

-The starting rosters for the UFC, WEC, Strikeforce, EliteXC, Affliction, and DREAM are pretty much finished.

-Almost all fighters have a pic, either from the included Modern Warriors pic pack, or when necessary, from me just cropping a crap pic off the internet. There are still a few I need to fill in though.



What's next

Like most of the mods here, this is not the final release by any means. 800 fighters is pretty small for a game world. While most of the big names are in, there is still a lot of work to be done. Ideally, I'd like to have closer to 1000 fighters who are in at the start of the game, and 500 or so more who debut through 2012. That would make the game play out pretty believably until about 2015 or so.


For the next release

- I'd like to add Hook and Shoot in the game as a regional level US promotion to acknowledge the role they played in developing women's MMA in the early days. Right now the women's roster is anemic, so with Hook and Shoot, I hope to bring in a lot women who have never been feature in a WMMA mod before.

-Go further back with event histories so that each fighter has more filled in on their records.

-Flesh out the JMMA scene more, and start preparing for a second Japanese organization.

-Let me know if there are any fighters or organizations you want to see. Particularly from Russian and Europe, as I've never really followed those MMA scenes.


Download link



Acknowledgment and Usage

Tag's Modern Warriors mods provided a big bulk of the data and pictures. Every fighter has had their stats and records completely modified, but Tag saved me a zillion hours by generously letting us mod his stuff. So to pay the favor forward, you guys are free to edit and redistribute this mod as you see fit as well. Just acknowledge Tag when you do, since he is the original author of a lot of this.

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