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The New Era in NGW

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The New Age of New Generation Wrestling

To be clear this is NOT replacing my ROH dynasty, I wrote this a while back, so I've decided to publish the parts now. So enjoy!







Alexander Henry

Bubblegum NGW GenX Champion

Colossus Kennedy NGW Tag Champion

Dara Diablo

Doug Williams

El Ligero

Jason Prime

Joe Hendry

Joseph Conners

Kid Fite

Liam Slater


Martin Kirby

Matt Myers NGW Champion

Morgan Webster

Nathan Cruz

Rampage Brown

Richie West

Sam Wilder

Stixx NGW Tag Champion

TK Cooper

Wild Boar

Zack Gibson


New Agers


Alex Gracie

AR Fox


Dan Moloney

Lucas Archer

Mark Andrews

Mark Haskins

Marty Stone

Pete Dunne

Saxton Huxley

Silas (Young)

Travis Banks

Will Ospreay

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