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New Grey Dog Software website

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We've spent some time redoing the site and here's what we came up with:


1. The site should be much better when viewed via a mobile device. No flash and the site better scales for iphone/ipad/andriod.


2. We have three columns of information on the home page.


- The left column is announcements, news and other items of interest. I plan to use this more like the facebook page. So, you will see a lot more content with this new format.


- The center column is where you can get the latest patches/updates for every game. Now, you don't have to go hunting on the tech support or forum threads, they are all linked directly from the homepage. The posts will have a the download link and a link to the forum thread (for more info).


- The right column will be a RSS feed directly from the forum. This will list some of the more popular threads and you can go directly to them from the website.


3. The top menu is a little better organized. We have main links for Demos, the Forum, Web Store, a contact us and submenus for basketball, football, MMA, RPG and Wrestling. This should make it easier to get where you want to go. They also scale for mobile devices.


4. Within the contact us option, we have an "Abous Us" where you can learn about each person involved with Grey Dog Software - but we also have more targeted support links:


- We have a Game Support option where you can put your name, check the game you need support on and write a description of your issue (and click Submit). This will go directly to our support team and we can use the game selected to get the developer involved (if need be).


- We have a Website/Forum Support link where you can enter your name, one of four site issues (Forum Account, Website Content, File Download or other) and enter a description.


- We have an elicense support link that take you directly to the elicense Support Form to get you an immediate ticket and help from them.


- Finally, we have a press contact link for people who want press information about our games.


The goal with this site was to make it a lot more functional for mobile devices, increase the content we post, better direct fans to patches and updates for each game and allow them to reach information on each game in a cleaner way. So, check it out and a big thank you to forum member Crzy1051 (Will) who we contracted to handle the redo!

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First of all, thanks to Will for all his hard work. I have no idea how much effort is involved in web design but I know it's well beyond my talents so many thank yous. :) A quick look at the main splash pages shows a great improvement over the old page, which is great to see after all these years.


A quick question about the Forum RSS Feed (the right-hand column)... what qualifies a post to be showcased in that section? I ask as it's touted as being "This will list some of the more popular threads" but at the moment I post this one of the threads listed is a one post thread from someone who has this as only their first post. If it's being done purely by a number of recent views this might be the case, but by any other metric it certainly doesn't seem to fit the bill. That said, it's good to see some dynasties showing up in that window, the guys in that section don't get enough love for their work. :)


So again, goodo job from what I've seen so far. It appeals to my tastes, which I'm always going to like. :)

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<p>Definitely an improvement. My only criticism would be that the splash/lander images at the top of the page seem a bit off (Download Now is cut off a little </p><p>

on all apart from TEW16's)</p><p> </p><p>

They could also be a bit 'Pop'ier perhaps.. Something to grab passerby's attention and doesn't waste almost half the image with the company logo</p>

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