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[RELEASE] Cornellverse 2014 Reworked

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I've taken the reworked data from Derek B's default 2014 data and converted it for the current version of the game. In this database you'll find all the wonderful things that Derek B originally implemented such as the regionalized

popularity and more accurate physical decay (for lack of a better word) as well as the changes made by myself to bring the game in line with the new features from TEW16. Things such as body types and sex appeal for males as well as production values for all companies active and yet to debut.


Should there be anything I missed or any typos, please inform me of it and I'll get it updated as quickly as possible!


Thank you to Adam for this wonderful game and this fun database. Thank you to Derek B (and those who he drew inspiration from/helped him) for the Cornellverse 2014 reworked mod that I used as my base. Lastly, thank you to the community for all that y'all have done with mods and graphics and what not. Y'all have made my experience with this game much more fun, immersive and fulfilling!




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