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What Is Going On?

I'm working on a mod for release, but I'm not working too quickly. The goal is to be close to release before the next TEW comes out, so that I can update the data and release it with that game, but sooner is never bad. There are 5 promotions just about fully mapped out on notebook paper that I need to put into the game, and I've got a list of all of the promotions I plan to put in for North America (Canada, United States & Mexico).


What Can I Expect?

The long-term goal is for there to be 20-30 complete promotions spanning the globe and at least 50 already debuted free agents per game area. Version 1.0 will probably just be USA, Canada & Mexico.


What About Graphics?

I haven't done any rendering and don't think I will unless I get a new computer that's capable of it and develop skill such that I could be satisfied with that many renders. I haven't decided what I'm going to do about renders yet, but would not object if someone offered to make renders for the mod. I'll be doing all of the logos and banners, but haven't started on that yet.


Can I Contribute?

By all means. Below is the character submission form, and I'll be asking for characters pretty much all the time. Sometimes requests will be specific, otherwise it'll probably be for free agents.

CainVerse Character Submission Form




Home Country:

Key Personality Traits: (or personality template)

Preferred Card Position (or general overness, if not for a specific company):

Skill-set Strengths:

Skill-set Weaknesses:

Other Notable Details: (booking skill, tag team partners, drug problems, etc)



So Can I Contribute Now?

Yes, definitely. I'm creative, but I always worry that I'm kinda one-note, so some diversity in characters is awesome. Feel free to start submitting free agents sooner than later. Additionally, if anyone wants to contribute promotions or even the whole region for UK, Europe, Japan or Australia, that'd be a welcome addition.


Thank you to anyone and everyone for any help and support you provide.

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