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Fantasy Mod 2007

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Dear everyone who maybe reading this thread I have had a couple of goes at making different real world mods which go wrong as i get confused of when creating workers and broadcasters the right levels before they negotiate for a company or for the company to hire a talent if that makes sense. I'm wondering if anyone would like to be apart of this mod and help to create it with me so if you have helped or created mods before and want to help then join here https://discord.gg/xbgRkh4


The idea for this mod is to make ECW a independent company to compete against TNA WWE and any other indy company from 2007 to the present day. In this mod there will be plenty of different broadcasters opening and closing to give it more realistic feel to the game. If anyone else know any suggestions or advice then leave them here and i look forward to hearing your feedback.

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