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British / World of Sport Wrestling Matches

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How on earth does one format one of those kinds of matches, what with it having rounds, multiple falls, ending only in submission or pin, etc...? How would you even book feuds in that sort of environment, or what have you?


I'm trying to figure that out to do a game with such a company, and it's something of an idle headache to be honest.


So far I've settled on accepting 3 separate weight classes (rather than IRL seven), with Heavyweight - Cruiserweight - Welterweight. That there's a rarity of tag team matches or women's matches in traditional WOS history means that's easy to leave until later.


For the sake of television programming (if I ever get there), there's the "World of Sport Ladies' Championship", "World of Sport Television Championship" and "World of Sport Tag Team Championships" under consideration, being catchweight and intended as a floating title to pass around as needed. I figure if I do get to the point of television, the historical fact that catchweight bouts were quite popular could mean that I could abandon the historical weight classes in favor of more catchweight competition.


I don't know, this is all a bit of a rambling on. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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You just book it like a sport. To simulate rounds just give the matches time limits. The 2/3 falls thing is mostly to keep challengers looking credible by getting one fall over the champ, which is why they did the same in Mexico, the North American territories, etc. Instead of booking WWE/WCW-inspired feuds or storylines, you book programs. So the popular Freemiddlefurlongweight Champion is going to run a 3 match main event program with a popular Freemiddlefurlongweight challenger. The first one the champ wins, the second he wins by controversy (maybe a ref counts slow, who cares) so the guy can challenge again, and the third he loses. Now he runs an undercard program (some other weight classes main these) with another guy in the same weight class to get back in the title picture.


You can effectively book this one feud for 6 months worth of stuff. The reign is three months, the working up the rankings is another three. During his time as champ in his class, he mains three weekly shows in those first three months, which leaves you with nine shows to have someone else main (typically the heavier classes). He can also defend his title in undercard matches against lower level opponents whenever you want during those other weeks. During the other three months you can kind of do whatever with him, as long as he wins most of his important matches and isn't jobbed out. When he comes back to challenge he'll be just as popular, but not over exposed.


Instead of having one champ, you have several, which helps the legitimacy aspect by making it look like you have seven untouchable badass fighters in your company rather than one (because the champs legally can't fight each other). The weight classes are supposed to ensure that the best workers and draws can be high up the card regardless of their look, and also to mix up the card. If you manage it right, that can happen.

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