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Helpers opinion needed!

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Hello guys most recently I've been working on a project based on e-wrestling and TEW. I'll start to explain it.


As many of you might know, e-wrestling was a very popular stuff back then where the forums were full of people and there were hundres of e-federations on the web. Nowadays, that is a dark world, why? Maybe the wrestling interest went down. Maybe there wasn't a e-federation that did everything on schedule and created a friendly environment to keep all users or simply because you start your wrestler and after some weeks you don't have anything to aim for, get frustratated by booking decisions or even by losing interest in writing those big block texts like many great rpers did on a weekly-basis.


For the record I loved e-wrestling almost as much as I love TEW, spending hours in front of the game creating my own storylines without having to deal with really anoyying persons that you come across on those worlds, without schedules, without anything at all, but then, I naturally miss the wide variety of user created and imaginated characters despite of the most generic ones being the typical in many cases, writing a segment where at least 1 user was waiting the whole week to see some developments.


So here is where my mind came into play in the last week. After buying Fire Pro Wrestling: World I thought of doing a e-federation using wrestlers submitted and created by the users, insert some story's and bam there's an e-fed without the match writing but where I can still decide a lot of stuff about the match and even it's outcome. That's too easy I thought to myself and given the fact there are already multiple e-feds on the web that use the same style I have nothing to add here. Only my booking skills when it comes to an e-fed and my main skill is match writing so that wouldn't make sense.


Started to think in a diferent concept where people could actually get on a forum, create a wrestler in fire pro wrestling world with the most basic moves available. Win money through shows and buy moves and wrestler skills in order to develop his wrestler. I've archieved to create a forum with Money, Bank, Shop system for this effect and multiple other plugins.


The idea quickly evolved not to my only e-fed but to include various e-feds here in order to generate a sort of "e-wrestling universe". Simulating a career and adding elements like contract negotiation since money is so important for development, appearance, skills, parameters. I would simulate show costs attendance and profit/loss from the companies. These companies are run by other users so your social skills and promo skills or even character personality is important for them aswell with the game skills to get the ratings and improve their company


After a lot of thought I've realized that even with wrestlers updating their own forum profiles with their moveset and CPU Logic which would make it easier for the promoters to set their respective movesets and CPU Logic in-game before a show. It was still quite time consuming. It would remove elements like match-writing of course. But the downside of it is that players would have to buy the game to make everything easier. This idea It's not discarded if there are people interested. To become a promoter you would have to contact me first and fill some requirements for the role. With the money system wrestlers could start their own promotion, hire wrestlers, negotiate contracts with them according to their skills. In order to have the best ratings and improve their promotion these wrestlers being the actual users. A true e-wrestling universe.


Now into project 2. The same universe concept with the same money, bank, shop system. But where you create your wrestler and he is added into a "E-wrestling universe" Tew 2016 database, he starts with almost every skill at 10. He buy skills on the shop. Only Enterteinment skills are set by the promoters opinion in general. Everything runs like an e-fed. The database is daily updated into the forum with all the new wrestler skills updated. Gm's download this before doing an event which has to be scheduled with me. The Gm's writes their shows alongside their creative team. And sends to me all the show segments with all the notes. I simulate the show So it generates ratings, attendance, show costs, viewers. This information will be used to calculate the economy outside of TEW. Every week there will be released this fantasy world mod for the users to play.


The possibilities here are immense and is quite easy to keep track of everything. You have brawling 55 item for example you need to buy Brawling 56. You buy it, You notify me, I go into your profile inventory and remove brawling 55 item and add the record to the database. That simple. You go to inventory and you can see all your skills. The promoters might search for wrestlers in database, sign written contracts. From TEW we will take out popularity gains (add storylines outside of it, maybe, have to look into it), ratings and attendance, to simulate this universe. Promos have a big role. I also want to add foreign languages e-federations in this universe, for example a portuguese federation ran by portuguese with portuguese wrestlers. This is quite easy with the portuguese GM speaking english with me to define his characters certain skill that aren't obtainable through the shop only with participation, promos, roleplay, thrash talk, etc. Promoters pay wrestlers money and can even given them items from the shop which they buy with their company's money if there is profit if they want to, they might reserve it to create own broadcaster and improve production values or other misc stuff that will be added. There is also a feature for each user to have his alters, can be another wrestler, can be a announcer\writter\booker but they have to buy the ability to do so.


I'm more easibly convinced to continue with the project 2 since it's much more easy for the users and lot less time consuming and also very rewarding. Because of this e-wrestling universe idea. And when you play the mod in your TEW and you see a guy pulling out a 86 and you go search him in the forums and learn from him or just see that is a Russian dude that doesn't speak any English but you still hire him just for the ratings sake, from his promos and/or even match style. Cause there will be certain skill caps rules according to user perfomance aswell. The money wrestlers win from a exhibition from a promoter is negotiable so even being a rookie if you manage to get into a big league they'll most likely pay you well. If you are a small promoter you might struggle to get talent and need to work with those guys who don't have those great writing skills and improve them. I think it's an awesome idea.


So after this my question is. Is there anybody interested in helping me out with the forum, almost erverything is set-up, i don't guarantee that this will work out but the idea amazes me and is going to be a little more easy to explain once everything is currently set-up with a proper guide for the user. But you get the general picture. We can speak about this project and even if you don't have a lot of time to work in the forum if you have ideas or things that capture your attention speak to me. I really need others people opinion's on this ones since I lost almost all of my contacts from the MSN times.

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<p>You have some interesting ideas here.</p><p>

I ran a wrestling play by mail years ago, and it also was based on the idea of using your cash winnings to buy up your skills. I like the concept.</p><p> </p><p>

I think you only have 2 "major" hurdles.</p><p>

1) TEW is very detailed, but you can figure it out if you play a few times. But in an e-fed, you have to make sure you are asking the right questions and getting answers you understand. If communication is not clear, folks will just give up.</p><p> </p><p>

2) I think...and I havent really tested this theory so I'm just spit-balling...that the advent of text games like TEW and graphics-based games on the Xbox have dulled the universe's appetite for playing in a "league" since they can be both the player and the GM in these other games.</p><p> </p><p>

I'd be more than happy to help you further flesh out your ideas.</p>

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