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Notes On Tomorrow's Release

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Here are some general notes on tomorrow's release, designed to try and make it a stress free experience for everyone.


- As usual, we do not announce a specific time. This is to stop a heavy load on the server through lots of people hitting refresh over and over at the same. That said, the release is handled by the GDS staff, who are based in Arizona, so it definitely will not be before morning US-time (at the absolute earliest!).


- When we release the link, we will let you know via a post on the main page and with a post on the forums. I would ask that people don't try hacking our server or checking random links - while I appreciate that people are excited by the game, and that's great, going to those lengths is not only a bit out of order but it also actively slows us down from actually doing the release.


- We will not be doing a live chatroom for this release, instead we'll be having a dedicated pre-release thread in the forums. This will be opened sometime tomorrow morning when I wake up (I'm UK based), several hours before the actual release.


- We had several attempted scams during the launch of WMMA4 where people were pretending to be GDS staff. If you see someone in a chatroom claiming to be me or Arlie, please note that it is a fake. Neither of us will be in any chatrooms.


- To reiterate, save games started in the trial can be continued if and when you buy the full retail version.


- For those who missed it, this week is a public beta. This means that we're using this time not only to let you play-before-you-pay, but also to fix any issues or errors you find. If you do get any issues, please make sure to post in the Technical Support forum so that I can fix them for you prior to the actual release.

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