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What's going on in YOUR game?

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Eh i'm sure we've had one of these guys but I saw someone on the forums posting a screen like this without title fights.. Thought I'd share it here lol. 

This dude is probably my best champ in my saves 50 year history (1980-2030 currently.) 

I am gunning to beat my 80 year run I had previously. 


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Been playing the 1993 mma revamped mod and its been a decade in game and some cool things have happened. Chuck Lidell is double champ (HW and LHW) and is gonna face Kevin Randlemein at UFC 60. MW is dominated by Anderson Silva after he beat the former Middleweight goat Wanderlei Silva. Welterweight has been dominated by Luiz Fraga exclusively except for a freak loss to Matt Hughes who be then beat to regain his title in the trilogy. Marco Ruas beat Royce Gracie in the final of UFC 2 and since then has been a constop top 15 in the Heavyweight division. Randy Couture and Tito Ortiz got pushed way to early winning titles in 1999 I believe so they have just become top 10 in their respected divisions and struggled to regain momentum. Sadly Sakuraba never destroyed Royce Gracie. The biggest surprise to me was Oleg Taktarov I becoming the goat. 4 defneces of the superfight title (openweight title around in the tournament days) and 4 defences of the Heavyweight Title. Elsewhere Pride have Vitor Belfort just dominating the likes of Ken shamrock, ice cold Igor and big nog. 

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I'm playing as SIGMA. Going a bit slowly because I don't play that much. I started at the date February 2002 and I'm only in April 2004 now. Still working to increase my popularity. Right now I have mid-level regional popularity in Europe but only low level regional popularity in the UK. My company stability took a big hit to 40% because I scheduled a show and then a later show, and forgot that I did not have enough fights for the first show. So, I canceled it. 

Does anybody else re-start their game? I will admit that I'm not very good at WMMA5, even though I enjoy the game. Strange: I'm not much of a MMA fan, but this game is very well done.

I'm thinking about re-starting because I want to be able to sign exclusive contracts, and SIGMA as is just can't do that. I'm tired of losing my fighters to other companies.

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Playing as GAMMA in the base mod and have just made it to the beginning of 2011, here are my champions/championship histories:



Previous Super Heavyweight Champions:

  • George Pickering (0 Defences)
  • Kel Ryan (2 Successful Defence against Irwin Middleton & Teddy Glossop)
  • Davey Rushton #2 (3 Successful Defences against Daugvinas Blekaitis, Den Bickersteth & Matas Fialkowska)
  • Kel Ryan #2 (0 Successful Defences)
  • Colin J L Capes (1 Successful Defence against Teddy Glossop)
  • Kel Ryan #3 (O Successful Defences)

Current Champion: Renato 20-3 (2 Successful Defences against Teddy Glossop & Hunter Matuszak)




Previous Heavyweight Champions:

  • James Foster (9 Successful Defences, One in game V Tony McCall)
  • Rav Kapur (0 Defences)
  • James Foster #2 (1 Defence V Tim Boyer)
  • Rav Kapur #2 (1 Deffence V Aleksander Ivanov)
  • Lars-Gunnar Ekberg (5 Defences V Spencer Rubenstein, Sly Twinge, Pai Cheng, Lawrence Herringbone & Aleksander Ivanov)
  • Morgan Wakarewarewa (1 Defence V Sly Twinge (draw))

Current Champion: Lars-Gunnar Ekberg #2 22-1 (1 Defence V Lefter Oktay)




Previous Light Heavyweight Champions:

  • Mike Watson (0 Defences)
  • Nilton Fantoni (0 Defences)
  • Anthony LeToussier (4 Defences V Marlon John, Terry Catt, Buddy Garner & Mike Watson)
  • Zvonimir Asanovic (1 Defence V Patrick Thomas)
  • Mike Watson #2 (1 Defence V Asanovic)
  • Nilton Fantoni #2 (1 Defence V Marlon John)
  • Zvonimir Asanovic #2 (1 Defence V Patrick Thomas)
  • Isaiah Monroe (1 Defence V Mike Watson)
  • Allen LeFleur (0 Defences)

Current Champion: Vacant (LeFleur long term injury)

Honestly, LeToussier was one of my favourite title runs in the save. I didn't anticipate him winning, let alone successfully defending so much!




Previous Middleweight Champions:

  • Matthew Dean (13 Defences, Four in game V Tora Mizwar, Braulio Moura, Sutton Ripley & JJ Reid)
  • Braulio Moura (7 Defences V Neil Napier, Petey Mack, Esteban Vega, Adam White, Bobby Brubaker, Sutton Ripley & Manuel Silva)
  • Adam White (1 Defence V Paul Goodfellow)

Current Champion: Tom Essy 18-1 (0 Defences)




Previous Welterweight Champions:

  • Julio Regueiro (0 Defences)
  • Manuel Silva (3 Defences V Bobby Brubaker, Gabriel Gallego & Nathan Chambers)
  • Diego Arteta (0 Defences)
  • Evan Gardner (1 Defence V Nathan Chambers)
  • Manuel Silva #2 (0 Defences)

Current Champion: Diego Arteta #2 23-1 (7 Defences V Jack Humphreys, Evan Gardner x2, Nathan Chambers, Garth Neill, Truck Gleeson & Fukusaburu Hirano)

Arteta is probably my most dominant champion right now, besides maybe Banner, and has finished everyone in all eight of his title matches in this reign!




Previous Lightweight Champions:

  • Jake Keane (0 Defences)
  • Fiyero Lermontov (1 Defence V Helio)
  • Georges Nouri (0 Defences)
  • Helio (0 Defences)
  • Seth O'Breen (2 Defences V Fiyero Lermontov & Philip Ziskie)
  • Atep of Indonesia (1 Defence V Chan Kim Hat)
  • Seth O'Breen #2 (0 Defences)
  • Helio #2 (1 Defence V Harold Hubner)

Current Champion: Chan Kim Huat 18-3 (2 Defences V Ronald Liu* & Atep of Indonesia)

Ronald Liu is one of my favourite generated players so far, still hoping for him to win the title!




Previous Featherweight Champions:

  • Jason Dalglish (0 Defences)
  • Rafael Tavares (1 Defence V Marco Bernacci)
  • Ward Maloprop (0 Defences)

Current Champion: Lamont Banner 29-0 (7 Defences V Heiko Pander x2, Marco Bernacci, Bosco Curbeam x2, Hugo Cruz & Rafael Tavares)

Belt was introduced in December 2005 with Dalglish beating Cruz in the finals of the reality show. Banner is just above and beyond everyone else currently, though his most recent defence V Curbed was a decision, whereas all his previous title fights were finishes.




Previous Bantamweight Champions:

  • Shoin Chiba (0 Defences)

Current Champion: Kawin Kayem 18-5 (2 Defences V Jez Worplesdon & Britt Dickering)

Belt was first brought in in October 2009.



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I'm currently in Feb 2008 of my BCF save which started in Jan 2002. My roster has improved a lot over the last 6 years and my last event pushed me to high level international popularity, I think we were mid-regional at the start of the game. Title history below.



- Carter Potter (5 defences vs Stafford Alois, Vic Millican, Mark Bicknell, Fritz Phipps & Aleksander Ivanov)

- Matthew Michael Kirby (0 defences) (also held the LHW title at this time)

- Rav Kapur (2 defences vs Aleksander Ivanov & Souleymane Ya Konan)

- Murilo Satinho (0 defences)

Lars-Gunnar Ekberg (current champ) (4 defences vs Matas Fialkowska, Morgan Wakarewarewa, Kanezane Fujii & Nilton Fantoni)

Kanezane Fujii (interim) (won the interim title on short notice against a debuting Hassan Fezzik as Ekberg got injured for a year a few weeks before he was supposed to fight Fezzik at BCF 100) (yet to defend/unify, next challenger TBD)


Light Heavyweight

- Lenny McFadden (0 defences)

- Tikhon Diev (1 defence vs Garry McSweegan)

- Matthew Michael Kirby (0 defences) (won the HW title while holding the LHW belt)

- Crow Leddy (1 defence) (won the interim title vs Curt Kitson, then beat Matthew Michael Kirby to become undisputed champ)

- Rafael van der Moot (2 defences vs Mike Watson & Matthew Michael Kirby)

- Nilton Fantoni (1 defence vs Crow Leddy) (unsuccessfully challenged Lars-Gunnar Ekberg for the HW title while LHW champ)

- Jericho Stewart (current champ) (yet to defend, next challenger TBD)



- Rob Baines (4 defences vs Hans-Peter Schneider, Henning Olsen, Ginger Beaumont & Ram Phookan)

- Charlie Oakley (2 defences vs. Rob Baines & Ollie Castle)

- Bill Brown (0 defences)

- Adam White (1 defence vs Heath Kaladaris)

- Isaiah Monroe (0 defences)

Tadao Miyazaki (current champ) (2 defences vs Carlos da Guia & Neil Napier, next defence vs Ramon da Silva Ramos)



- David Webb (3 defences vs Steven Griffin, Mills Mullally & Vikram Sithalayan)

- Evgeni Medtner (1 defence vs Will Kane)

- Martin Cupples (0 defences)

- Noach van der Cappellen (1 defence vs Evgeni Medtner)

- Evan Gardner (0 defences)

- Noach van der Capellen (0 defences)

- Martin Cupples (0 defences)

Gideon Navarro (current champ) (yet to defend, next challenger winner of Elvis Milissis vs Manuel Silva title eliminator)



- Doug Hansen (2 defences vs Gordon Idle & Tim Oldacres)

- Luis Basora (4 defences vs Rupert Lennox, Georges Nouri, Jake Keane & Fiyero Lermontov)

- Sukarno (3 defences vs Luis Basora, Lubos Plasil & Luis Basora again)

Helio (current champ) (2 defences vs Manoel Cabral & Seth O'Breen, next challenger TBD by winner of Lightweight tournament)



- Snorri Gunnarsson (0 defences)

- David James Diggle (0 defences)

- Snorri Gunnarsson (1 defence vs Marco Bernacci)

- Atep of Indonesia (0 defences)

- Yagi Jokichi (4 defences vs Tomohiro Takeuchi, Rafael Tavares, Hans Christian Bloch & Lamont Banner)

Markus Waller (current champ) (yet to defend, next defence vs Yagi Jokichi in a rematch)

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Rav Kapur inexplicably loses to James Foster, despite having the man dead to rights after flooring him with a nasty body shot which has been a knock out blow any other time in this game.  It was only a matter of ground and pounding him to get the win.  Instead the game tells me that doesn't happen and James Foster wins with a rear naked choke, despite being practically unconscious mere moments earlier.  Victories like this really kill my suspension of disbelief.  I feel wins like this ought to tank my fed's credibility and scandals regarding fight fixing and whatnot. 

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