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Make Britain great...er... for once.

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England is home to the most watched organisation in the world with the Premier League, who's TV rights lone recently sold for more than the UFC purchase. Unfortunately MMA hasn't received the same love as other major sports in Britain but with Irish Superstar Conor McGregors recent assent into worldwide superstardom MMA has been brought into the mainstream with more people engaged with the sport than ever.


It is time for Britain to rise to prominence within the MMA scene and bring the sport to the level of other popular British sports and rival the dominance of the American market, it is time to awake the sleeping giant.


Cage Warriors currently has 10 divisions, Heavyweight-Flyweight for Men and Bantamweight and Flyweight for women.

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Champions and Contenders



Heavyweight Champion

<img style="max-width:100%;" src="https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/961005927804604416/dDsDCGzz_400x400.jpg" alt="">

Mauro Cerilli

Since: Nov 2017

Yet to Defend.



1. Nills Van Noord 17-9

2. Junior Karanta 2-1

3. Cian Erraught 2-2

4. Shawn Kenny 3-1

5. Ruben Wolf 12-10


Light Heavyweight Champion

<img style="max-width:100%;" src="https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSbWqRQLASAsbboM3m0ur1pas0izFEaD2Vtj-4gW3GTMPCL6HPj" alt="">

Karl Moore

Since: March 2017

Yet to Defend



1. Kenneth Bergh 6-0

2. Jason Radcliffe 13-5

3. Arunas Anderuskevicus 14-4

4. Miro Jurkovic 4-0

5. Modestas Bukauskas 4-2


Middleweight Champion

<img style="max-width:100%;" src="https://i2-prod.liverpoolecho.co.uk/incoming/article13831977.ece/ALTERNATES/s615/Chadwick-is-champion.jpg" alt="">

Lee Chadwick

Since: October 2017

Yet to Defend



1. Leeroy Barnes 16-16-1NC

2. Christopher Jacquelin 8-3

3. Victor Cheng 11-3

4. Andrei Manzolo 17-6


Welterweight Champion

<img style="max-width:100%;" src="http://cagewarriors.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/karlamoussou-cw80.jpg" alt="">

Karl Amoussou

Since: February 2017

Yet to Defend



1. Roberto Soldic 13-2

2. Che Mills 16-10-3NC

3. John Maguire 25-10

4. Matt Inman 20-10

5. Tommy Depret 13-5


Lightweight Champion

<img style="max-width:100%;" src="https://usatmmajunkie.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/chris-fishgold.jpg?w=370&h=322&crop=1" alt="">

Chris Fishgold

Since: March 2016

Defences: 3



1. Soren Bak 10-1

2. Martin Stapleton 19-6

3. Alexander Jacobsen 9-2

4. Jack Grant 13-4

5. Jason Ponet 17-11


Featherweight Champion




1. Johnny Frachey 19-12

2. Ashleigh Grimshaw 19-10-1-3NC

3. Paddy Pimblett 14-2

4. Fabien Gallinaro 3-5

5. Konmon Deh 9-4


Bantamweight Champion

<img style="max-width:100%;" src="https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRyyp3ztzwHQf3oanfc7XDVm0tuxymAKXS6oVedwpkf_xMdDzeR" alt="">

Nathaniel Wood

Since: Jun 2017

Defences: 1



1. Vaughan Lee 14-13-1

2. Brian Bouland 7-1

3. Marko Kovacevic 9-2

4. Josh Reed 7-2

5. Kris Edwards 10-9


Flyweight Champion




1. Shajidul Haque 9-2


Womens Bantamweight Champion




1. Cindy Dandois 10-3

2. Kerry Hughes 3-3


Womens Flyweight Champion

<img style="max-width:100%;" src="http://www.sherdog.com/image_crop/200/300/_images/fighter/1511621983pic.jpg" alt="">

Molly McCann

Since: February 2018

Yet to Defend



1. Bryony Tyrell 4-2-1

2. Cornelia Holm 1-0

3. Diana Felipe 1-1

4. Maria Vittoria Colonna 3-2

5. Cory McKenna 1-0


Updated 1st April 2018.

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Event Announcement


CWFC 91: Pimblett vs Frachey

London 02 Arena, 5th May 2018

Main Event - Feather Weight Championship bout

Johnny Frachey vs Paddy Pimblett


Co-Main - Flyweight Championship Bout

Shajidul Haque vs Paul Marin


Main Card

Andrei Manzolo vs Victor Cheng - MW bout

Modestas Bukauskas vs Arunas Andruskevicus - LHW Bout

James Hurrell vs Norman Paraisy - LHW Bout

Lacey Schuckman vs Cory McKenna - WFly Bout



Ruben Wolf vs Adel Ghaddou - HW Bout

Bola Omoyele vs Brad WHeeler - WW Bout

Jamie Richardson vs Thibaud Larchet - WW Bout

Arnold Quero vs Martin Svensson - LW Bout.

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<p><strong>Breaking News!</strong></p><p> </p><p>

</p><div style="text-align:center;"><p><strong>Former UFC Welterweight Title Contender, Dan Hardy, Signs for Cage Warriors.</strong></p></div><p></p><p></p><p> </p><p>

Dan Hardy (25-10-1NC), who took Georges St-Pierre 5 rounds in their title match, has forgone his retirement following his release from his UFC contract and signed the biggest deal in Cage Warriors history. Hardy was quoted in saying "I look forward to returning to Cage Warriors once again and reclaiming back the Welterweight title that I never lost." </p><p> </p><p>

During the press conference it was announced that Hardy, 36, would be granted an immediate title shot at CWFC 92 in July. The full card has been listed below.</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Fight Card</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>CWFC 92: Hardy vs Amoussou</strong></p><p>

<em>London O2 Arena, 21st July 2018</em></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Main Event - Welterweight Championship Bout</strong></p><p>

Dan Hardy vs Karl Amoussou ©</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Co-Main Event - Middleweight Championship Bout</strong></p><p>

Lee Chadwick © vs Leeroy Barnes</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Main Card</strong></p><p>

Roberto Soldic vs Che Mills - Welterweight Bout</p><p>

Brett Caswell vs Pietro Menga - Flyweight Bout</p><p>

Jason Radcliffe vs Miro Jurkovic - Heavyweight Bout</p><p> </p><p>


Priscilla de Souza vs Maria Vittoria Colonna - Womens Flyweight Bout</p><p>

Gavin Hughes vs Tim Wilde - Lightweight Bout</p><p>

Shawn Kenny vs Cian Erraught - Heavyweight Bout</p>

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<p>Event Announcement</p><p> </p><p>

CWFC 91: Pimblett vs Frachey</p><p>

London 02 Arena, 5th May 2018</p><p> </p><p>

Main Event - Feather Weight Championship bout</p><p>

<strong>Johnny Frachey</strong> vs Paddy Pimblett </p><p> </p><p>

Co-Main - Flyweight Championship Bout</p><p>

<strong>Shajidul Haque</strong> vs Paul Marin</p><p> </p><p>

Main Card</p><p>

Andrei Manzolo vs <strong>Victor Cheng </strong>- MW bout</p><p>

<strong>Modestas Bukauskas</strong> vs Arunas Andruskevicus - LHW Bout</p><p>

<strong>James Hurrell</strong> vs Norman Paraisy - LHW Bout</p><p>

Lacey Schuckman vs <strong>Cory McKenna</strong> - WFly Bout</p><p> </p><p>


<strong>Ruben Wolf</strong> vs Adel Ghaddou - HW Bout</p><p>

Bola Omoyele vs <strong>Brad WHeeler</strong> - WW Bout</p><p>

<strong>Jamie Richardson</strong> vs Thibaud Larchet - WW Bout</p><p>

Arnold Quero vs <strong>Martin Svensson</strong> - LW Bout.</p>

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CWFC 91 - Frachey vs Pimblett


"Welcome to Cage Warrios 91, tonight we have a stellar card where two new champions will be crowned. In the co main event tonight we have Shajidul Haque taking on Paul Marin. Marin will give Shajidul a tough fight tonight in what will be the biggest fight of each mans career, the winner will likely make their first defence against newly signed Pietro Menga who seems to be the brightest British flyweight talent around.


In the main event, Paddy the Baddy returns to action with Featherweight title shot, looking to reclaim that belt that launched his career into stardom. He takes on the dangerous Johnny Frachey in what will be a firework of a fight, we have all this and more so stayed tuned!


Undercard Bouts


Martin Svensson def. Arnold Quero via Rear Naked Choke 3:48 Rnd 1 (Great)

Thibaud Larchet def. Jamie Richardson via Unanimous Decision (Average)

Bola Omoyele def. Brad Wheeler via TKO 0:42 Rnd 2 (Great)

Adel Ghaddou def. Ruben Wolf via Unanimous Decision (Good)


Main Card Bouts


Lacey Schuckman vs Cory McKenna


Welcome to CWFC 91, our first main card fight is Lacey Schuckman taking on eighteen year old Cory McKenna. Cory looks set to have a bright future, already training with world famous Team Alpha Male, she looks set to take the Womens MMA by storm.


The crowd is loud as Cory makes her way to the ring, fighting in her hometown of London she's looking at putting on a show for her faithful followers.


Here we go! McKenna comes forward immediately and starts to make Lacey back up with her jabs from distance. McKenna ducks a jab, steps inside and lands a huge four punch combination! Lacey steps back to regroup but McKenna keeps stalking her. A good exchange there by both women, Lacey once again resets and McKenna stalks forward and she lands a huge right cross!! Lacey goes down and is hurt badly!! Lacey covers up well but gives her arm up as McKenna looks to lock in a Kimura! It's tight! Schuckman taps! She taps! The crowd is going wild here in the 02!


Cory McKenna def. Lacey Schuckman via Kimura Rnd 1 2:53 (Great)


James Hurrell vs Norman Paraisy


"Next up, Hurrell takes on the two time The Ultimate Fighter contestant Norman Paraisy.


Hurrell is showing no fear for Paraisy's power here and is contantly walking him down, landing jabs and combos at will. Paraisy is content to eat these shots in hope of landing a counter. A cagey end to round 1, Paraisy is content with backing off and trying to exchange from distance, neither fighter did much damage but Hurrell was certainly the more active fighter.


Round 2 has started more of the same, jabs from distance and the odd exchange where nothing lands. Paraisy is still content with staying away from Hurrell who looks to be slowing as he tries to force the pace of the fight. Round 2 comes to and end much like the first did but Paraisy is beginning to land more strikes in these exchanges but did take a cut above the eye for his effort. Hurrell looks to be slowing down.


Hurrell reopens the cut that they managed to close during the break with a quick exchange, he moves in and throws more punches but looks to be visibly be tiring. His hands are dropping. Paraisy moves in for a clinch! Oh my god! What a slam! Paraisy just manhandled Hurrell!! Landing in side control, Paraisy moves quickly and tries for an armbar! Thats deep! He's tapping!"


Norman Paraisy def. James Hurrell via Armbar 1:43 Rnd 3 (Great)


  • Post fight, Parasiy calls out Kenneth Bergh.


Modestas Bukauskas vs Arunas Andriuskevicus


"Another Light Heavyweight bout up next as these two young men look to cement their positions in the division.


Both fighters meet in the centre of the cage and start firing off shots. Both men are content to stand and bang, neither want to give an inch here. Both are firing off combos and counters but nothing is landing cleanly. Arunas throws a wild right hook which is slipped by Modestas who fire back with a jab and a hook of his own and opens up Arunas, blood streaming down his face. Wiping blood from his eye the two exchange again and Arunas fires off a huge Roundhouse kick that connects!! Modestas is hurt and is on wobbly legs! Arunas moves in for the kill, firing an uppercut!... but its blocked. Modestas appears to have saved himself there. As the round ends, Modestas still looks wobbly as he makes his way to his corner.


The two men comes straight out of the gate and meet in the centre firing off shots once again. Arunas is cut yet again! That does't stop him coming forward though and they exchange strikes once again, Arunas moves forward and lands two jabs followed by a huge head kick!! That's sent him reeling back to the cage, he's somehow still on his feet! Arunas moves in for the kill, he throws a knee but somehow its blocked and Modestas once again circles away and retakes the centre, what heart this young man has! A couple more exchanges closes out the round with no more significant action... what a fight we have here folks!


The third and final round is underway and you guessed it, the two men meet in the middle and start duking it out again. Both are looking tired and Arunas ties his opponent up in the clinch, backing him up to the cage. Arunas is firing off knees and elbows that are landing but after a couple of minutes Mario Yamasaki separates them. After a quick exchange, Arunas quickly ties up Modestas once again and holds him against the cage, landing a few knees to the body as the clock expires."


All three judges score the bout 30-27.


Arunas Andriuskevicus def. Modestas Bukauskas via Unanimous Decision (Decent)


Andrei Manzolo vs Victor Cheng


"Two veteran Middleweights are set to do battle here. The round opens with Cheng pressuring Manzolo early but that doesn't last long, lots of small skirmishes continue to happen but nothing lands. As the round ends it feels like we have seen a lot of punches thrown but nothing land.


Round 2 opens up much of the same and Cheng looks to be tiring but theres the shot!! A huge straight right has flattened Manzolo but he somehow recovers and stays alive as Cheng rains down punches. With no finish in sight, Cheng moves to mount but Manzolo scrambles and gets to his feet. Cheng chases him to the cage and clinches, holding him there for about a minute until Manzolo circles away. Cheng lands a takedown as the round ends.


The two come and and exchange but Cheng quickly looks for the clinch and pins Manzolo against the cage before pulling off a trip takedown. Manzolo lands the better of the exchanges on the floor, Cheng clearly worried about Manzolo submission threat. Manzolo locks up an arm!! Cheng somehow escapes and lands in side control but that doesn't last long. Manzolo is able to get him back into guard and land elbows from bottom. The round closes out with Cheng in Manzolo's guard."


All three judges score the bout 29-28


Victor Cheng def. Andrei Manzolo via Unanimous decision (Good)


Shajidul Haque vs Paul Marin


"The first title fight of the evening will crown a new flyweight champion. Haque comes in at slight favourite but the Spanish Marin is no pushover.


The two men trade punches in the centre of the cage, with Hague getting the best shots in. The two men seem to be feeling eachother out with neither fully fully committing to their attacks.


Round 2 starts the same but with Marin starting to get a feel for Haque's timing and landing good counters but its more of the same with not much landing and lots of feeling out going on.


Both fighter meet in the middle, Haque lands the most from a short exchange, opening up Marin with a cut on his forehead.Marin looks for a takedown but only manages to push Haque up against the cage, he lands a big knee to the stomach and Mazzagatti has stopped it?! He wants to chekc Marin's cut, the fight isn't over... the fight restarts in the centre of the ring... the two exchange. Haque is visibly tiring out here as round 3 ends.


Haque realistically needs a finish here. Marin taking advantage of Haque's tired state quickly initiates the clinch and pins him against the cage for half the round before the ref separates them. Haque fakes and exchange and level changes and lands the takedown. Marin scrambles to his feet and reverses position and pins Haque against the cage.


Haque comes out and looks for a quick takedown but a smart adjustment from Marin means he's able to fight it off and get in the clinch. He holds Haque up against the cage for the rest of the round."

All three judges score the bout 49-46


Paul Marin def. Shajidul Haque via UD to claim the Flyweight belt. (Great)


Johnny Frachey vs Paddy Pimblett


"Our main event is upon us, Paddy is slight favourite here tonight but Frachey will prove a real test. The Featherweight title is on the line.


Straight from the off, Paddy shoots for a takedown and... lands it! He effortlessly passing Frachey's guard and takes side control. Paddy fights to get an arm and he gets one! He locks in the kimura!! Frachley manages to escape and Paddy rains down for shots from top position. Pimblett gets mount but Frachley gives up his back, Pimblett is unloading here as he lands a big shot!! Frachley fights out from the position and the two are back to their feet. Paddy again shoots and gets it! Paddy locks in the guillotine!! Its tight!!! Paddy let's go, has he gassed out his arms here??


Frachley looks to start round two off with an exchange but is immediately taken down. Pimblett tries for another Kimura but Frachley fights it off but he's given up an arm triangle in doing so! Frachley escapes but Pimblett grabs the arm again for an Armbar!! He's out but he's give his other arm up in doing so and Paddy locks it in but he manages to escape once again. Frachley is like teflon. Paddy looks for the mount but Frachley gives up his back. Paddy attempts a rear naked choke but Frachley fights the hands and survives and scrambles to his feet. Paddy lands a takedown as the round closes.


Takedown to start the round for Paddy. He tries to secure a few more takedowns but they are well fought off. The round ends with Frachley escaping yet another submission.


Takedown to start the round for Paddy. He tries to secure a few more takedowns but they are well fought off. The round ends with Paddy in mount.



Takedown to start the round for Paddy. He tries to secure a few more takedowns but they are well fought off. Paddy finally secures a north south choke to end the fight."


Paddy Pimblett def. Johnny Frachley vis North South Choke 3:44 Rnd 5 (Great)


Critical Rating 81%

Commercial Rating 40%


FOTN: Paddy Pimblett vs Johnny Frachley

Sub: Cory McKenna

KO:Bola Omoyele

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Fight Card


CWFC 92: Hardy vs Amoussou

London O2 Arena, 21st July 2018


Main Event - Welterweight Championship Bout

Dan Hardy vs Karl Amoussou ©: Don't like immediate title challenges but Dan Hardy is the better fighter for sure


Co-Main Event - Middleweight Championship Bout

Lee Chadwick © vs Leeroy Barnes


Main Card

Roberto Soldic vs Che Mills - Welterweight Bout

Brett Caswell vs Pietro Menga - Flyweight Bout

Jason Radcliffe vs Miro Jurkovic - Heavyweight Bout



Priscilla de Souza vs Maria Vittoria Colonna - Womens Flyweight Bout

Gavin Hughes vs Tim Wilde - Lightweight Bout

Shawn Kenny vs Cian Erraught - Heavyweight Bout

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Following the conclusion of CWFC 91 Shajidul Haque and Jimmy Burrell have left the company to sign for One FC and Bellator MMA. We wish both fighters the best of luck.


Rankings Report


Paraisy's win at CWFC 91 means he now moves up to the number one contender spot.


Victor Cheng has moved up to the rankings to number 3.


Bola Omoyele cracks the top 15 after his victory, coming in at number 14.


Cory McKenna moves up to the number one contender spot following her victory.

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