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Climax Pro Wrestling

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Wrestlemania 34 becomes a major success and the wrestling becomes mainstream again but because of that their competition grow and UFC create a new big wrestling promotion


Summerslam 2018 ends up disappointing which leads to the leave of various talents from the WWE and a creation of a new promotion by Stephen Amell


Stephen Amell's promotion is bought by CBS and Amell is still the main booker


Wrestlemania 35 ends up being a huge disaster which leads to WWE selling NXT and a lot of talents and the opening of the Johnny Wrestling promotion


NJPW take over ROH and make it a developmental territory


CBS buys NJPW and create an alliance called IPWA


Eurosport opens a promotion




NJPW - Owned by CBS booked by Gedo.


CPW - Owned by CBS booked by Amell.


Johnny Wrestling - Owned by Gargano booked by Gargano.


UFC-PW - Owned by Dana White booked by Paul Hayman


WWE - Owned by Vince McMahon booked by Vince McMahon


NXT - Owned by Triple H booked by Triple H


Impact - Owned by Ed Nordholm looks for head booker


Defiant - Owned by Whatculture booked by Adam Pacitti


Progress - Owned by Jim Smallman booked by Glen Joseph


RevPro - Owned by Andy Quildan booked by Andy Quildan


ESPW - Owned by Eurosport booked by William Reagal


AJPW - Owned by Jun Akiyama booked by Masanobu Fuchi

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