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99 new fighters

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I've been keeping this database for personal use for about a year, but seeing that there's some interest to see fighters from videogames, I thought I'd post it.


This database is designed to start playing in 2001-2002 and features 99 fighters in total, including a bunch of Tekken fighters, a few Mortal Kombat ones and also a collection of randomly generated fighters from my WMMA4 playthroughs who proved to be good.

With the "revenge of the strikers" some of those aren't as good anymore, but others became better in turn.

Also keep in mind that most Tekken/MK fighters are quite powerful (for example Nina Williams is an absolute beast for this era and will dominate your straw and atomweight divisions), so use with caution.


Randomly generated ones mostly come from Europe, Russia and UK (I was playing in this region) but there are a few from Japan, Mexico and other parts of the world. Every fighter has a picture which I took from the collections contributed by forum members, including free pics (unfortunately I can't properly credit those, as I don't remember which ones came from where), and Tekken and MK ones have pictures as well.


All the bios are organic, as I was quite lazy to be adding them. Maybe I'll do that in the future if you guys like this collection.


Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1y7ra2b8m7ohv3d/MAE.zip


P.S. There's also one new company in the database and a new team (Mishima Dojo)

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