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Summertime Dynasty

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Hello all. Summertime is coming up and I always like to wind down each night by playing an hour of TEW. I was thinking of coming out with a new dynasty but wanted to take a vote as I have several ideas. Here are the following, please let me know.


JCP 1987


1983- McMahon vs McMahon: Vince McMahon tries to takeover the WWF and make it a global enterprise, but his father will not allow it. Vince then leaves the WWF and starts his own wrestling company to go head to head with his father. (Fantasy Dynasty)


Georgia Championship Wrestling 1980- A great roster of talent and a great year for the company. My goal is to make Tommy Rich the Hulk Hogan mega-star he should be. (Would also be interested in others joining and playing as other territories & actually running an NWA within players in the game.


Memphis any year available because I love Memphis wrestling


WCW 1992- I think if ran right during this time they could have beaten Vince, love the roster.



Please leave your comments below on which one you'd like to see! Thanks!

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