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Elicense Frustration

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Frustration. Yelling (or just sitting here quietly annoyed). I have two games (WMMA4 and TEW16) that just decided to stop working because of elicense. WMMA5 still works perfectly fine. But the other two games not only stopped working but are trying to get me to go buy the games that I already bought again. I messaged Scott yesterday and haven't heard back (I know, it was late Friday and its Easter weekend now so I'm not expecting super quick responses). But I should never have to worry about games that I buy not letting me play them. Why are elicense being used when it has problems like this? I've seen so many people complain about different elicense issues. This isn't even my first (or second if you count these two separately) issue with elicense. I had an issue before switching the game to a different computer when my computer died. This is frustrating that I have an urge to play a game that I paid $35 for and its telling me that I'm not allowed to because it wants me to buy it again. Frustration.
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<p>This also happened to me yesterday for whatever reasons. I unlicensed them and then put my license back in and it worked. </p><p> </p><p>

Right click the short cut, where it says target, add -unlicense at the end of it. It'll do it's thing when you open it, then just delete that and it should work.</p>

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<p>I had a similar issue last week. I went to play TEW and it came up that my ID was invalid. I double checked my email and I definitely had the correct ID. I've had to email for a reset before, and for whatever reason at the time I just couldn't be bothered going through the process of contacting Scott, so I left it for a later date.</p><p> </p><p>

Then I tried it again this morning hoping it would work and it did... So... I have no idea what happened last week. I never unlicensed and relicensed or anything, I just left it.</p>

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We shouldn’t have to contact anyone in order to play the games we purchase, but that’ll never change here apparently.


This is indeed mildly annoying, especially now that W10 suddenly decides to update without warning, removing the licenses in the process.


So far I haven't had to wait over a day for him to answer, so I'm fine with it. But the day you want to play and he's not available would be unfortunate.

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