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Could an option be included to view the fight assistant on the "create event" page?

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Or if this wasn't possible at least be able to view the rankings from this page (before going ahead and booking the event)


I often click on create event and am busy choosing a date and venue while looking at the availability and absences list, and am a little lost without the ability to check the ranking screen/fight assistant from that point.


Sometimes it's hard to remember who the number 1 contenders are (and even the champions occasionally) which makes deciding on whether the card is going to be a major or minor event a bit of a guessing game.


I realise that you can do this from the add fight screen after booking the event but it's a bit annoying to book an card as a major event then discover that you can't put a title on the line or have a grudge match as your main event.


It would actually be great if the fight assistant could be made available from the create an event page onward. That way you could see at a glance which challenges, rematches and title bouts would be available to you before going ahead and booking.

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