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WMMA G.O.A.T. - Be a legend

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I want to run an WMMA 5 where you can create a fighter and I will track their careers and post updates. Please use the template to create your fighter. You can choose the path of your player, choose starting organization, stats and so on. it's all up to you!



Last Name:

Nickname: (it is not necessary)

Gender: (male/female)

Born: (month, and u can choose between 20-23y old)


Ethnicity: (White/Black/Latin/Asian/Middle Eastern/Indian/Other)

Based In: (USA/Japan/Canada/Mexico/South America/British Isles/Europe/Australia/Russia/Central America/Africa/Elsewhere)

Home Region:


Personality: (Antagonistic/Loose Cannon/Moody/Normal/Professional/Serious/Short Tempered/Sociable)

Persona: (Aggresive/Egomaniacal/Annoying/Braggart/Joker/Normal/Quiet/Respectful/Troll)

Stance: (Always Traditional/Always Southpaw/Prefers Traditional/Prefers Southpaw)

Fighting Style: (Aikido/Amateur Wrestling/Boxing/BJJ/Catch Wrestling/Folk Wrestling/Freestyle Wrestling/Greco-Roman Wrestling/Ground and Pound/Hapkido/Jeet Kune Do/Jiu Jitsu/Kick Boxing/Judo/Krav Maga/Kung Fu/Mixed Martial Arts/Muay Thai/Pankration/Sambo/Savate/Shoot Wrestling/Submission Wrestling/Taekwondo/Vale Tudo/Wing Chun/Wrestling)

Height: (please writte realistic stats)

Best Weight: (please writte realistic stats)

Walking Weight: (please writte realistic stats)

Min. Weight: (please writte realistic stats)

Max. Weight: (please writte realistic stats)

Career Goals: (Career/Glory/Money)



(840 points)

Cut Immunity: (1-100)

Conditioning: (1-100)

Strengh: (1-100)

Mobility: (1-100)

Flexibility: (1-100)

Reflexes: (1-100)

Chin Strengh: (1-100)

Resilience: (1-100)

Stun Recovery: (1-100)

Consistency: (1-100)

Weight Cutting: (1-100)

Dedication: (1-100)



(1470 points)

Footwork: (1-100)

Feints: (1-100)

Head Movement: (1-100)

Punch Power: (1-100)

Punch Technique: (1-100)

Hand Speed: (1-100)

High Kick Power: (1-100)

High Kick Technique: (1-100)

High Kick Speed: (1-100)

Low Kick Power: (1-100)

Low Kick Technique: (1-100)

Low Kick Speed: (1-100)

Creative Punches: (1-100)

Creative Kicks: (1-100)

Guard Defence: (1-100)

Kick Defence: (1-100)

Takedowns: (1-100)

Takedowns Set Up: (1-100)

Takedowns Speed: (1-100)

Takedowns Defence: (1-100)

Sprawl: (1-100)



(1610 points)

Punch Power: (1-100)

Punch Technique: (1-100)

Punch Speed: (1-100)

Elbow Power: (1-100)

Elbow Technique: (1-100)

Elbow Speed: (1-100)

Knee Power: (1-100)

Knee Technique: (1-100)

Knee Speed: (1-100)

Sweeping: (1-100)

Positional Ability: (1-100)

Creative Submissions: (1-100)

Armlock Submissions: (1-100)

Leglock Submissions: (1-100)

Arm Choke Submissions: (1-100)

Leg Choke Submissions: (1-100)

Submission Defence (Top): (1-100)

Submission Defence (Bottom): (1-100)

Control (From Top): (1-100)

Control (From Bottom): (1-100)

Control (From Guard): (1-100)

Scrambling: (1-100)

Ground Escape: (1-100)



(770 points)

Grappling: (1-100)

Takedowns: (1-100)

Takedown Defence: (1-100)

Slams: (1-100)

Elbow Power: (1-100)

Elbow Technique: (1-100)

Elbow Speed: (1-100)

Knee Power: (1-100)

Knee Technique: (1-100)

Knee Speed: (1-100)

Dirty Boxing: (1-100)


Muay Thai Clinch

(350 points)

Thai Clinch: (1-100)

Elbow Power: (1-100)

Elbow Technique: (1-100)

Knee Power: (1-100)

Knee Technique: (1-100)



(490 points)

Killer Instinct: (1-100)

Game Plan: (1-100)

Heart: (1-100)

Preparation: (1-100)

Recuperation: (1-100)

Comfort In Cage: (1-100)

Comfort In Ring: (1-100)


Your Starting Organization: (ACB/BAMMA/Cage Warriors/Fights Nights Global/M-1 Global/Jungle Fight/DEEP/Titan/Shooto/SC/KSW/LFA/PLMMA/KOTC/JEWEL)



- Choose two special attributes from combat and one from mental

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