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[HYPE] The "New" Monday Night Wars, January 2010 Mod

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Hello, I'd just like to get it out there that I'm currently working on a January 2010 mod for TEW 2016. I have listed below the current status of the mod progression.


There will be a lot more promotions than the ones currently listed, I'm just working on the "big" ones first, then upon completing that I'll start to focus on the minor indie promotions. I'm trying my best to make this as accurate as possible, writing unique bios for all the wrestlers and using the closest pictures possible to 2010 for their worker page.



Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (0%)

Ring of Honor Wrestling (0%)

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (0%)

World Wrestling Entertainment (0%)



All Japan Pro-Wrestling (1%)

New Japan Pro-Wrestling (30%) - All IWGP Championships and NJPW tournament lineages have been completed, with accurate title defences and vacancies.

Pro-Wrestling NOAH (3%)


Sorry for the format of the thread thus far, it's my first time doing one of these so bare with me. I'll be posting some pictures as the days/weeks/months go by to give you an idea on what the mod looks like.


I'd also like to add that, although I'm a "new" user, I absolutely do not intend to post a thread hyping up a mod and never end up releasing it. It'll take some time, but I'll be posting updates here and when a beta is available I would really appreciate it if others could help out and test the mod for me.


Thanks! I'll be back here soon to post some updates on how the mod is progressing :D.

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