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Who here uses screenshots of Fire Pro characters for their custom roster pics?

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Given how versatile Fire Pro Wrestling World is for appearances despite its classic-leaning graphical format and not-quite-so-extensive amount of resources to put together to make (despite 9 layers per section), I was wondering how many of you use screenshots of Fire Pro edits to make your roster pics from?

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Well, as an example this is the poster for the pre-show of my big FPW Arena event, ARENA Rising:




Basically, just picture putting those characters into a 150x150 box (or 200x200 if you need the room) for TEW profile pics.

(they'd probably fit chest-up to an extent, I guess, but the good thing is that it's essentially a style where nobody has to be resized and everybody will basically fit into the profile with no additional editing)


Here's an example of Domino Rouge put into a TEW profile pic box:


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I love this idea! It would work great for my current game. I always had a hard time playing mods and using guys in different gimmicks then they used in real life or in a different style. I had Ultimate Warrior turn heel and I wanted dark face paint and trunks, difficult to find! Or a certain worker using a mask and not having that image available. Great idea.
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