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[HYPE] Allenverse 1997 v5.0 for TEW 2016

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******************ALLENVERSE97 v5.0**********************

********************BY AZNBLUSUAZN**********************







Using the CornellVerse97 data, created by Derek_B, as a base, this is an 'expansion' of sorts, adding mine own creations to the default database. Many of the characters in the Allenverse are from early days of e-wrestling (1996-2001), slightly tweaked. The name 'Allenverse' comes from my main e-wrestler, Ace Allen, who in this world, popularity rivals that of Sam Strong.


I made this mod originally for TEW 2008 and have ported it to 2010 and 2013 previously. This time, I have started with Derek_B's 2016 CV97 mod as the base and added in the AV97 additions and modifications (vs. doing the conversions from essentially the 2007 data that I've previously done).


Anyhow, this mod is really for my own use, but I know there have been a handful of folks that have used my Allenverse mods since the days of TEW 2004. So, without further a due, this is it!




So, the backstory. First, take everything that you know about the Cornellverse '97 world and apply it. Then add in a few more things:


New Promotions:


CNWF (Capital National Wrestling Federation) - This is the promotion owned by Lex Victor (charismatic retired wrestler turned manager turned promoter) in June 1993. Victor was tainted by the way Eisen had treated him in SWF and decided that he could not only start his own promotion but do it better, and he has! CNWF is the #1 promotion in the US despite only being at Cult level. Stars like Ace Allen (ultra charismatic, all around best worker in the world), Dennis Williams (Canada's hero, best technical wrestler in the world), Doomsday (the only man to successfully pull of the undead gimmick with a huge following), and others like Outkast (the 7-Foot CNWF World Champion), Skyscraper (over 7 foot tower of a man attraction), and Slasher Sierra (former CNWF Continental Champion and really cool guy). The CNWF is on a wave of momentum heading into their year end PPV - CNWF Destiny.


AWF (American Wrestling Federation) - Traditional wrestling at its best. Having survived multiple attempts by the SWF to pillage their talent, the AWF has maintained its existence since its birth in 1987. President Illinois focuses on the old school tradition of wrestling, not sports entertainment, and keeps his product family friendly. It's weekly TV show has been a wrestling staple for many years and has its loyal fan base.


HWO (Hardcore Wrestling Organization) - The HWO was born during the East Coast Wars and ran by Magic Fred. Upon its start and with the help of CNWF Star Ace Allen, Lex Victor offered to finance the company and use it as a developmental territory while still letting it run as an independent organization.


Other Narratives:


HGC - The HGC is just starting with JK Stallings signing a ton of big names in the business. The difference in the Allenverse is that ACE (broadcasting group) owns HGC and has hired JK Stallings to run the company. Additionally, Stallings is a bit of a billionaire playboy and is a bit unpredictable. Also, the ACE sponsored contracts for the HGC starting talent (signings before go live) are more than most workers make in a lifetime.


SWF - After the exodus of talent to CNWF and HGC, SWF is hurting. What everyone doesn't know is the government sponsored raid that occurred over New Years Day 1997 into the Eisen residence, followed by the arrest of Richard Eisen. Interesting is the future of the SWF, why the raid happened, and the fallout (that will play out as a narrative). This could mark the end of the SWF --- or a new beginning?


Other Notes:


There are quite a bit of new characters in the game. I've done my best to fit them into the CV while maintaining my own e-fed history of them. Also I've included "Employment History" for each one of them so you can get an idea of what they have done up until the point of starting the game.


Previous versions of the mod:


TEW 2008 Version 1.1

TEW 2010 Version 3.0

TEW 2013 Version 4.0


If you have any questions about any of the workers or promotions, and history about them, feel free to e-mail me at gclark82@gmail.com. Thanks.


***CREDITS (from the original TEW 2008 version)***




Derek_B - Adam Edwards/American Elemental




AznBlusuazn (Me) - Adam Edwards, Akuma Lee, Blood Dragon, Blue Dragon, Crusher, Dark Dragon, Darren Behemoth, David Edwards, Dwayne Havok, Edgar Edington, Freddy Edwards, Friar, G-Pain, Johnny Lee, Jumbo, Original Dragon, Paul Starr, Psycho Dave, Sumo, Tim Vann, Titantic, Tyson Hollins


Harts4Life - Christine Lost, Jon Brett, Miss Frye


J Silver - Ace Allen, Alexis Victor, Andrew Tucker, Anthony Kutler, Arthur King, Charlie Steele, DareDevil Kidd, Doc Styles, Holocaust, Kane Washington, Kole Washington, Laundromat, Lex Victor, Lorrie Starr, Magic Fred, Michael Sierra, Randall Brock, Skyscraper, Tim Johansen


Marcel Fromage - Big City Guy, TRU


Panix04 - Bad Business Backlowe, Bad City Boy, DC Diamond, Infected, Larry Thomas, Michael White, Roy Watters


Rage - Chris Johnson, Dennis Williams, Joseph Lost, Justin Sane


RingOfHonorGuard - Greater


SadisticBlessings - Say Fall


Sebsplex - Amoeba, Chris Johansen, Grecian, Marc Leonhart, Sean Holloway


Unknown (please contact me if you created) - Illinois


VBigB - James Durazzi


*** VERSION 5.00 NOTES ***


• Imported the TEW 2013 version of the Allenverse 1997 (4.0) additions into Derek_B's Cornellverse 1997 mods for TEW 2016.

• Make significant amount of tweaks to the additions to be compatible with TEW 2016.

• Edited a handful of CV97 characters to match the AV97 world.

• Ran multiple 7-10 year AI tests to confirm the play out of the narratives (9/10 were successful).

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