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(HYPE) Briggsverse

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Briggsverse 2006

OOC: The Briggsverse will only host a few promotions at last count, along with around 100 broadcasters, and around 4-7 dojos(Not really sure on this at the moment, but will let everyone know as soon as possible).


I, myself, like willr0ck will be adding in the local broadcasters as I too feel like it resembles real life wrestling, under the terms of the smaller promotions being able to bring them in to host their wrestling shows and/or events.


I will also need a GFX artist and a render creator as I have no experience with render creations. I have experience working with photoshop so I could easily make the logos and banners for promotions, but I haven't used photoshop in quite awhile. Atleast on this computer, and have no way of getting it back. Please PM me a banner/logo and a render that you have made if you would like a shot at being this person for the Briggsverse.


That's pretty much it so far, not much has been fleshed out but as things progress, I will certainly be updating this as time progresses. If I get an outstanding response from you loyal TEW players, then I'm hoping for a full release of the Briggsverse by atleast the middle of September or beginning of October. There will also be a 1980 and a 2016 edition in the works.


Edit: I am also going to need some help writing bios for some of the characters, as I am not all that great at that.

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Good luck! I hope that this turns out well. I'm the currently making the BlazeVerse, and I'll tell you from experience its difficult. I add in around 20-40 wrestlers daily (and multiple other things too) and its kinda grueling, by myself at least. The hardest parts are most definitely bios and probably the skill sets, along with assigning gimmicks. Can't wait for the release and I'll probably try it out myself!
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