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Get hired by another company as a worker

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Is it possible for your use avatar to get hired as a wrestler (or other role) by another company while remaining a booker/owner of the one you're already in? I like the idea of the user avatar being booked to appear in other companies' shows.


I know it is possible to hire owners and bookers of other companies if they're on an open contract, so I used the editor to change my avatar's contract to open, but no one would attempt to hire the avatar.


I tried offering him in talent trades with other companies in my alliance, but the game would not let that happen.


I created another user avatar, made him take control of another company, and tried to hire my first avatar, but the game prevented that from happening as well.


The only way that I've found that works is to have the avatar hold a title an alliance title, and that way the avatar will appear in other companies's shows on a one-night deal.


Is there any other way?

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