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CornellVerse in Firepro Wrestling for PS4

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** PC users, you can check out BrokenCycle's awesome post here: http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=539283 **


I was a bit sad and dissapointed to find a lack of CornellVerse wrestlers for the PS4 version, so I decided to stark making some myself. Here's what I made so far.


Frankie Perez: https://firepro-w.com/item/detail/16203



Rocky Golden: https://firepro-w.com/item/detail/16202



Mr. Lucha III: https://firepro-w.com/item/detail/16058



Mikey James: https://firepro-w.com/item/detail/16022



Marc DuBois: https://firepro-w.com/item/detail/15975



Aaron Andrews: https://firepro-w.com/item/detail/15947


Anybody else making some?

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