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Is there a Gracie type family in the default database?

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<p>No. I remember one being in the X-CVE or whatever name the Expanded C-verse had in games before this. It was the Bradley family. They had custom family gear as well. It was pretty awesome. As X-CVE hadn't been converted to WMMA5 afaik, you're going to have to do without hometowns etc. But it's still perfectly playable.</p><p> </p><p>

There's only a couple of relations in the default db. You can consult them in the editor easily through the "relations" section. The Ballard brothers come to mind.</p>

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<p>Two relatives who I know are the Ballard brothers and the Basora brothers. Ashley Ballard and Linfield Ballard are in GAMMA, while Luis Basora and Alberto Basora are in SIGMA. </p><p> </p><p>

There is a mention in Hector Jimenez's profile that his father, uncle, and grandfather were well known pro boxers, and that Jimenez is the first in his family to go into MMA. He has no relatives in MMA though.</p><p> </p><p>

Edit: Roope "The Second Generation Star" Kuqi is the son of Veeti Kuqi, who is Finland's first MMA fighter. Roope is in SIGMA, while his father Veeti is not working for any major company, and is on the verge of retirement at age 42. He almost always retires within the first month of the game.</p>

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