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Pre-Generated Fighters

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Have made it to 2004 in an ALPHA-1 save. I do like some of the generated fighters (especially one using Roberto Aldez's regen), but I do kinda want pre-set fighters. Was wondering if there is a mod somewhere with pre-set fighters. The only person set to debut by default is J.K. Stallings, who isn't even a fighter.


If not, are there any mods for fighter renders, or at least non-fighter renders.


(Don't know if this belongs here or the mod forum, since this isn't a mod, just a question about mods).

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<p>there's a ton of mods in the Mod subsection with pre-set fighters, both fictional and real world ones, debuting anywhere from early 2000s and to 2016 as far as I remember. You can have close to 6-10 thousands of fighters total depending on how picky you are. </p><p>

There's also a huge number of awesome fighter renders in the render thread, especially by LoNdOn, greywolf00 and domj29 - those guys work like machines and have produced enough renders to make another game.</p>

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