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Monday Night War : Round 2

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"Hulk is gone."


I accidently dropped my phone when I heard the news. I knew one day it would be happened, but I never thought that would happen so suddenly. Hulk is dead. 'The Immortal' Hulk Hogan is dead. My heart is beating and I felt headache.


"Eric, Are you ok? Can you come to funeral?"


"I'm ok. Kevin. Where was it again? Ok. I will be there soon."


I stood up and tried to reach a closet. But I stopped in front of a mirror. I looked at myself. So many wrinkles, sparsely located white hair. I felt heavy. I couldn't even move myself without cane. I am aged mid 80s. Maybe it is natural to feel useless. I tried to make smile. But it was nothing like 'the smug' once Eric bischoff showed to attendance. I felt sorrow.


Hogan's funeral


I can't even remember how was Hogan's coffin rites. Since I had cried so much during the coffin rites, I ended up being fainte. When I opened my eyes, I saw familiar faces. Big Kev and DDP. Once great stars, became shabby old men just like me. Even, Kevin was in wheelchairs. I raised myself. I started to cry again in front of my old buddys.


"Cheer up, Eric. This might hurt your health too."


Kevin held my hand with worried look.


"Yes. Eric. People who lives must live on..... Don't be so sad."


DDP said so.


"Time goes too fast. First Scott..... Long time ago..... And then Hulk. Now you are the only original nWo member, Kevin."


Kevin smiled awkwadly.


"Ric passed away, Steve is gone too."


DDP added.


"Steve? Oh, you mean Sting. Yes..... He is gone....."


I felt sorrow. Tears came out of my eyes. DDP hugged myself who cries like a baby. Kevin's eyes were ached with tears too.


"The stars once in the 'Monday Night war' are all passed away. The only warriors left are you. 'Big Sexy' Kevin Nash and 'The Real People's Champion' Diamond Dallas Page."


Kevin and DDP looked at each other. They started to laugh at the same time.


"Eric, People in nowadays do not know anything about 'Monday Night War'. They don't even know about WCW. All they know about wrestling are WWE and AEW."


DDP said.


"We are dinosaurs. Our era ended long time ago. We deserved to be extinct."


Kevin continued with sad look.


"Don't ever say that. You were the best. nWo, Four Horsemen, Sting, DDP, Goldberg..... Wrestling started it's golden age because of you! Nobody was able to stop us. We almost won the war. Didn't we?"


I shouted emotionally.


Kevin and DDP smiled slightly. It seemed like they are in memories.


"We could have won. We could have. WWE never defeated us. We stopped by ourseves."


DDP patted my back. I shouted again.


"We should have won the war. We should have....."


No one tried to speak. Silence continued for a while.


"Why do you think we stopped by ourselves? Or..... what made us stopped?"


I said.


"We lost when I finished Goldberg's streak, Eric. It was wrong decision."


Kevin said. His face looked pale and gaunt. He is not 'The Big sexy' once had great ego. I held Kevin's hand. I was able to feel the emotion that only comrade can feel about.


"No, Kevin. Maybe the problems started more long ago. The night that Hulk refused to lose to Sting cleanly..... 1997 Starrcade..... We have lost since then."


The atmosphere was somber. We seemed like remnants of defeated troops. I put my hands on Kevin and DDP's shoulder.


"You were the best."


Inside Airplane


I kept think about the ideas. If I can go back to the old days..... What if I can go back to days before Starrcade and fix everything went wrong.... I looked at the window and saw sky. I felt something bad in my stomach and head. It was hard to breathe. I tried to call flight attendants but I fell down.


"Sir, Are you ok? Sir?"


Flight attendants came to me and shook me off. I was able to see them preparing for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. But it was too late. My sight became black. I'm dying like this. I felt tears came out of my eyes.


Bischoff's Office


"Mr.Bischoff, It's time to participate in meetings."


I heard a lady's voice. I tried to breathe. I was able to breathe easily. But something was wrong. It was not the clothes I wore for Hulk's funeral. I was wearing black leather jacket. I felt power in my body.


"Excuse me, lady. Where am I now?"


"Mr. Bischoff? This is a headquarter of WCW. The office of president."


What? I couldn't believe that. WCW closed it's door decades ago.


"I don't understand what you mean....."


"Mr. Bischoff. You need to participate in the meeting. The creative team is waiting for you. You need to make conclusion about main event of Starrcade 1997."


No way..... I looked at the calender on my desk. December, 1997. I moved myself to full length mirror which is on side of wall. Black hair, toned body, confidence look. It was Eric Bischoff once ruled the world of wrestling. I made smug for myself in the mirror.


“It’s round 2. Vince.”


[<a href="https://imgur.com/JzSCpfI"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/JzSCpfI.jpg" title="source: imgur.com" width="540px" height="300"//></a>

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