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WWF 1991: Kill Them Before They Grow

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Thank you for checking out my diary.This my first time ever writing a diary or anything like this so it is probably not going to be that great,but

hopefully not :p and I would really appreciate any advice,suggestion and criticism you can give me.I want to thank justxyank for making this amzing mod and TheFinalCountdown and Southside Hitmen for their amazing diaries that inspired me to write one.

War was coming he could almost feel it.The recent growth of WCW was the thing that was on his mind backed by the massive financial power of the TBS network the amazing wrestling talent of their roster and the loyal southern fanbase that JCP provided them,makes them the biggest threat WWF has ever faced.But he was Vincent Kennedy McMahon,the man who single-handedly turned WWF from a small regional promotion that nobody outside of New York had even heard abut to a National powerhouse that has produced qand will keep producing wrestlers that have become household names and some who have transcended the industry,and he will be damned if let some rat face mogul and his ragtag group of southern hicks run the company that he,his father and his grandfather put their heart,soul,blood,sweat and tears into taking it to this stage.he will cut off Their legs before the can even stand.


The Champions



World Heavyweight

The Ultimate Warrior





Mr. Perfect




Tag Team

The Hart Foundation




Face Roster

Main Eventers

Dusty Rhodes

Hulk Hogan

Jake Roberts

Jim Duggan

The Ultimate Warrior


Upper Midcarder


Big Bossman

Bret Hart

Greg Valentine


Jimmy Snuka

Texas Tornado

Tito Santana



Jim Neidhart

Marty Jannety

Nikolai Volkoff

Saba Simba

Shawn Michaels

The British Bulldog



Rest of the Roster

Bushwhaker Luke

Dustin Rhodes

Jim Powers

Koko B Ware

Bushwhacker Butch

Sam Houston

Shane Douglas

Al Burke


Heel Roster

Main Eventers


Mr. Perfect

Randy Savage

Sgt. Slaughter

The Million Dollar Man

The Undertaker


Upper Midcarders

Dino Bravo

Rick Martel

The Barbarian



Brian Knobbs



Jerry Sags

Paul Roma


The Mountie

The Warlord



Rest of the Roster

Boris Zhokov




Brooklyn Brawler

Barry Hardy

Bob Bradley

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