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Skills and Moves

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Hey folks,


I am not sure if anyone is still checking out this forum. I recently discovered this series. I am sticking with #2, as I like the career mode on 2 better.


I am having troubles figuring out exactly what the "Skills" do. I know they help out with your character, but I can not find specifically what each individual one does.


I am also curious to know how to pick moves that match up with a characters stronger skills. I notice that some of the "Move Types" match up to actual skills such as "Strong Style" but others do not like "Speed" Any help on what to look for when making move sets, would be helpful!



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<p>Most of the skills don't impact your in-ring abilities, they're for hiring and firing purposes for the AI's use, or so that the game can link with the TEW series easily.</p><p> </p><p>

The move requirements are as you'd imagine: Power is the worker's Power stat, Technique is the highest of Mat Work, Chain Wrestling, and Submissions, and Speed is Aerial.</p>

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