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Bring back grade pictures for matches

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<p>Having played the game quite a bit for the last couple days, I've noticed myself caring LESS about the actual matches and booking, and more about the simulation outside of the shows themselves. I think I've narrowed down why.</p><p> </p><p>

Currently the only real sense of reward or progression in a show is getting a high number, it's a sign that you've done things right, and provides the carrot for you to continue to chase and strive for. In previous titles, this was given to you with a nicely sized picture of either a letter or a number, usually the same size as a worker image. It was essentially one of the largest images on the screen. In this iteration though, the match and angle rating is essentially hidden. It's a tiny 8 point font in a tiny little box wedged between two fields. It's easy to miss entirely, and provides a sense that it's unimportant.</p><p> </p><p>

Bringing back the grade pictures would really provide a greater sense of accomplishment for each match and show, and also would increase the modability of the game, something which previous games were praised for.</p>

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Irrespective of whether we get letter grades back (probably not): The grades must be bigger for sure. I have no idea how that decision came about, but it's definitely lessening the fun for me. Even a rating of 97 doesn't feel right now...
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I really do miss the big grade images.


Things look more important when they're bigger, and everything in this game is the same size. Match ratings same size as match lengths. Roster button same size as medical button. Nothing stands out.

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