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Killing the Business PRE-hype thread

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<p>Ok guys for those that are familair and have followed my work on this mod for TEW 2016, this is a pre-hype thread where i ask you guys to post information for new additons to TEW 2020 that where not in TEW 2016.</p><p> </p><p>

Things such as broadcasting details revenue, broadcast types, suggested company products etc</p><p> </p><p>

Any information you guys have would be great so i can start to get this mod in some sort of shape for a TEW 2020 release</p>

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I did wonder if you were going to move it over. Just for others, here is what I have come up so you don't get the same bits posted over:



Leva Bates to manage Peter Avalon (and vice versa).


Brandi Rhodes to manage QT Marshall


Brandi Rhodes to manage Dustin Rhodes


Taz should have Manager removed as one of his roles


Arn Anderson should manage Cody (Perhaps you could argue Brandi is his main manager, but I think he would have been in the corner if it wasn’t for travel restrictions)


I’d have Taz & Excalibur on Commentary for AEW Dark – At the moment its all over the place, but this was the normal set up before.


Add Cody Vance (known as Preston Vance in AEW) as a worker, contracted to AEW & have him join Dark Order Stable


Change DDP to Face


Change QT Marshall to Face


Quite a bit of work on the Broadcaster front, they now have a Broadcaster Type which should match what they are (YouTube North America for example is listed as Terrestrial Free-to-Air rather than an Internet type).


Another thing to look at maybe is the Stable Members and their roles. You can now assign Leaders, Muscle etc.

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Would cable subscription not be Sky On Demand (Cable Subscription) as opposed to Sky Sports (Cable Commercial) or are you looking for something more specific?


Yeah, i wasnt sure if the bog standard sky package was cable commercial and then the extra packages like sports, movies etc where cable subscription?

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I had a hunt round in the handbook and found the below...Hope it helps:



Broadcasters can be one of four types (Pay-Per-View, Commercial, Free to air and Subscription) each which can be either Terrestrial, Cable or Internet. These combination of those two elements control the level of revenue and running costs, the broadcaster’s expectation in terms of quality, their patience with bad ratings and how they will negotiate.


Terrestrial Broadcasters are the strongest and most desirable; revenue levels are at the highest here. However, their running costs are highest, they are most demanding about quality, are the least patient and are the toughest at negotiations.


Internet broadcasters are the weakest; revenue and running costs are significantly lower than their terrestrial counterparts but they correspondingly much more patient and undemanding


Cable broadcasters are the middle option, sitting midway between terrestrial and internet in their effects.


With Pay-Per-View broadcasters each viewer is paying a price to watch the show (the price depends on company size and whether its Terrestrial, cable or Internet) and this provides the highest dollar-pew-viewer ratio of any broadcaster


The downside is that PPV broadcasters tend to have smaller coverage (to simulate less people being willing to pay for content) and so growth can be limited.


Commercial broadcasters make their money y selling advertising to create revenue. The revenue they can generate is broken up into half hour chunks, with the amount based on the number of viewers, time slot and broadcaster type (i.e. terrestrial can sell advertising at a higher amount than an internet-based broadcaster). The total amount is this half hour revenue vale multiplied by the length of the show – longer shows therefore generate more money (THAT’S WHY WE HAVE A 3 HOUR RAW!)


Free to air broadcasters don’t generate any revenue at all, but because there’s no advertising to sit through they generally have higher levels of coverage. They’re a useful avenue for companies who can generate revenue in other ways but want to build a fan base


Subscription broadcasters make their money through their subscription fees, which is reflected in a dollar-per-viewer revenue for the companies. Mechanically, subscription broadcasters are very similar to their commercial counterparts except that they offer a slightly higher rate of revenue per viewer and the quality of each show has less impact on their viewership numbers

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I had a go at converting the database to 2020 and running a month just to see how it runs. There are stats I disagree with, some strongly, but overall I appreciated the consistent more small scale approach rather than the mess some bigger databases can turn into so I'm definitely going to want to use this when it's finished for a full game, even if I likely will tinker a lot (David Starr being bad on the mic, Bray Wyatt being any good in ring and worse Kenny Omega being a good actor being my biggest annoyances - but hey, opinions!)


I did a run through with Raw using autobooker and got some horrific segment ratings but think that's more to do with the autobooker being broken and not following product rules. On the flip side the AI pumped out some great, realistic looking cards for New Japan and AEW that really helped immersion and showed how accurate and well balanced those stats are as an overall.


In the limited run I did I encountered some bugs and weirdness (I couldn't turn a save into a database for some reason - Adam used my save file to fix that in Patch 8) but the biggest annoyance as WWE was getting 4 or 5 backstage incidents every show - usually multiple wrestlers court incidents. I also lost my TV Deals for both Raw and Smackdown as WWE within 3 weeks, although again I was largely autobooking so that could have played a part.


Glad to see this topic in the 2020 forum though and looking forward to the finished product.

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Cheers lads, my main issue at the moment (haven't loaded up a game yet) is the edit edit, not being able to use arrow keys, search with keyboard and highlight with space. It takes too long at the moment and for feature that's meant to add speed to editing I'm actually find things quicker doing them manually.
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<p>Ah that's really annoying. I do wish mod makers like yourself were part of testing. I think feeding things like that back outweighs any negative Adam might have felt picking favourites would have done on the board. </p><p> </p><p>

Mods like yours are so important to this game, especially to casual players who don't want to play as the Cornellverse. I think gets lost sometimes.</p><p> </p><p>

As a side note for anyone else who tries to use the mod to play around while the game is still in Beta, you have to set it to start in January or February 2021 as the game gives you hundreds of errors about contracts not having started yet if you try to do a Jan or Feb 2020 game. You also get a couple of minor but easily fixable issues with a handful of wrestlers (the Bellas for example) to do with their out of the business status.</p>

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<p>As an update, i have:</p><p> </p><p>

added all of the attributes from my spreadsheet into the game</p><p>

updated stables</p><p>

tournament titles to achievements</p><p>

iv done what I can with broadcasters but could do with some help with American broadcaster types</p><p>

updated tag teams to include permanent units</p><p>

imported 'other TV shows' from the default database</p><p>

updated training centres</p><p>


Updated company products (still need to test and would appreciate suggestions)</p><p>

TV recording slots</p>

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