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Released because of Injury

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I am playing with The Undertaker pre Undertaker. I was currently working in Mexica for UWA. In a feud with El Santico we had our first match. I threw everything I had at him and still lost. In the process he injured me and the next day I find out I have a major chest injury and will be out 30 days. Ok fine no problem. Well 3 days later UWA requests a meeting with me. I still had 54 days left on my contract with them so I knew the news wasnt good. Lo and behold I get released to trim the roster down. I call foul, and was released because I was injured and the owner was afraid I would either sue or when I came back want revenge on El Santico and kick the ever living crap out of him. It is safe to say I will not take Taker back to Mexico anytime soon.
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