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My First National Championship!

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Got the game two / three months ago & have been playing pretty solid whenever the chance arises. Took over as HC of the Auburn Tigers & led them to the #2 national rank, an SEC title & an appearance in the Rose Bowl to determine the national champion. Unfortunately that’s where the fairytale ended, with a 41-38 defeat. I was quite happy with the season though, as I’d called every single play myself – although this did prove quite time consuming! The squad was quite depleted as many of my stars left for the bright lights of the NFL, but I still had a decent team remaining. Fast forward 12 months & I again find myself fighting for the national title, in the Fiesta bowl against the Hurricanes (this time as the #1 rank.) I let the coaches call the plays this time, but ‘interfered’ in situations where I thought necessary. So we enter the 4th Q with the Canes up 20-14, but soon into the quarter my senior QB (Patrick Strange), tosses a 3rd TD to junior RB Alexander Johnson &, after the PAT, we lead by 1. No scoring for the next 11 minutes, but with 1:13 to go, the Canes are facing 4th down in FG range. The snap is good, the kick is off – but it’s BLOCKED! Auburn takes over & runs down the last of the clock to take the title. I love this game!!! My squad will be decimated this off-season, but hopefully the recruiting will go well. I don’t think I’ll make it three national title games in a row though, but you never know…
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