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Recruiting vs. Coaching Change (LSU)

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Part of an article by Steve Ryan at BigRedReport.com a member of the Scout.com network.... they are having a free trial period. *** this is why it is important to fill college coaching openings quickly *** The LSU fall out is continuing. First, Chris Keys, then – Dajleon Farr and others now instead of being solid commits to LSU are now considered soft verbals. There’s another that can chalk himself up on that list as he’s decided that he might want to take a look around and one of those places will be Nebraska. Before he committed, there were a variety of schools after Woodlands high school (Woodlands, TX) tight end, Kyle Anderson. Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas State, Miami, Nebraska so on and so forth. With a bevy of offers in hand, Kyle didn’t have to worry about his choices as he had more than he could possibly comprehend. Well, the current LSU commit has found himself going back over that list, because like the other current future Tigers, he’s not sure what’s going to happen. “One the reasons I chose LSU was because of the offense they run.” Kyle said. “With coach Saban gone and not knowing who they get in here, I don’t know what they are going to do.”
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