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Conflict w/ nvidia 6800gt card (FYI)

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I had created a thread (Subject: Relog Problem) previously regarding this issue. I am doing a follow up on it now and retitling the thread. This is more of an FYI for gamers who may have the following problem: I was unable to relog onto BBCF after exiting the program. The game would not come back up, but the the Task Manager showed it was running. I would "end program" and the game would error out. The only way to get back into BBCF was to restart my PC. As the PC shutdown, an "end program" box would come up mentioning the "Sys Fader". This error box would not shutdown my PC, so I would have to click the "end now" tab when it showed up. I could then restart my PC and play BBCF once again. Solution: The nvidia GeForce 6800GT OC has an anti-aliasing (fade effect) program that needs to be disabled. It can be found in the nvidia settings. It apparently conflicts w/ 2d or sprites (think that is the right word). Anyway if anyone has shutdown problems with nvidia cards, this is something to consider.
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