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DAMAGED-FREEVERSE Expansion Pack #1 info

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In the next day or 2 I will be releasing a small expansion pack for my growing D-Fverse mod. The 2nd edition of the mod that I released a couple months ago was accepted by enough people to want to make me keep this going and I have been searching a few sites the last few weeks for new pics. These new workers (and workers that will be debuting in future Expansion packs) are all cropped and pasted on the blue background by myself this time. so as usual, please just be respectful and give credit where it is due if people use these pics for something other than the D-Fverse....I do not own a copyright to them so they are open to all.... below is the small README file that I will be including in every release from here on in.... I have also went back to the mod and corrected any mistakes and suggestions that people were kind enough to post on the last release I made so It would be wise for everyone to redownload the whole D_Fverse again...I have seperated the D-Fverse from the Cornellverse this time so the downloading should be quick. thanks to those who have expressed gratitude in the work I have done and will continue to do and I hope more people at least try the database instead of just using my pics for new workers who enter your games throughout gameplay!!! thanks again and see you in a day or 2 with the release [QUOTE](EACH EXPANSION PACT IS SMALL AND DESIGNED TO ALLOW THE TRUE D-FVERSE FANS WHO WANT THE FULL EFFECT OF THIS WORLD I AM CREATING TO BE ABLE TO IMPORT WHAT THEY CAN AND ADD THE EXTRA INFO ABOUT EACH WORKER (tag teams,realtionships...etcc..etc) ON THEIR OWN TIME.) DAMAGED-FREEVERSE Expansion Pack #1 ------------------ NEW WORKERS : Teddy Slims - (Young Canadian worker) Hector Lopez - (Retired Mexican great) The Voice Of Cuba - (Color/Manager) Freddy The Ace - (insane/airplane pilot gimmick) Sid Locke - (MMA crossover/"Hitman for Hire" Gimmick) Maxwell Green - (Young con-artist) "Mr. Ego" Ian Summerland - (British worker) Brock Rockwood - (Good Looking american brawler) "Sweet" Cherry Pie - (Sexy american female worker) "Dark Italian" Anthony Scissoli - (Young Italian high flyer) "Little Bull" Eric Anderson - (Canadian powerhouse) Mistress Raven - (female manager of Hellfyre & Brimstone, The Dark Minions) Daniel Adams - (Young american worker/tag partner and twin brother of Steven) Steven Adams - (Young American Worker/Tag partner and twin brother of Daniel) Sir William Roast - (Rich British worker/Cousin and tag partner of Charles Roast) Sir Charles Roast (Rich British Worker/Cousin and tag partner of William Roast) NEW TAG TEAMS ------------- The Adams Gang - Daniel & Steven Adams The Roast Family - Sir Williams & Sir Charles Roast NEW RELATIONSHIPS ----------------- Loyalty - Hellfyre/Mistress Raven Loyalty - Brimstone/Mistress Raven Blood Relative - Steven & Daniel Adams Blood Relative - William & Charles Roast Hatred - Paris Germaine & Charles Roast Hatred - Paris Germiane & William Roast Hatred - Gabriel Devine & William Roast Hatred - Gabriel Devine & Charles Roast Strong Dislike - Allstair Crownell & Charles Roast Strong Dislike - Allstair Crownell & William Roast Strong Friendship - Ryan Richards & William Roast Strong Friendship - Ryan Richards & Charles Roast [/QUOTE] DAMAGED1 D-FVERSE CREATOR
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