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Game Log Requests

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There has been a suggestion made for an offline viewer, and as an old hand of creating off-line viewers for games (SimSports basketball, FBCB, FOF) I might be interested in taking this on. But to make this truly work well, the log needs some extra features. My requests would be: [LIST=1] [*]Need more game info at the top. Week/Season/Home Team/Away Team at the very least. If this can be garnered from the game files (I have not looked yet), that may alleviate this need, although it would help if the game log was self-contained. [*]Put all info about a play into one play group. Eliminate the down/distance/score stuff right before an injury line and move the injury line up to the main play above. This would help but is not too important. [*]Fix the PBP bugs being documented elsewhere, notably the plays with no information at all. [/LIST]
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