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The year is...well 2006 and one night in May EWE owner Steve Madison is spotted in a night club with several friends and some other guys. Several hours go by and several dozen beer bottles become empty. Steve is totally drunk out of his mind. [COLOR="green"]Steve:[/COLOR] duudde!! Iam sooo drunk man. It's like I can see the air im so drunk. [COLOR="DarkOrange"]Dude:[/COLOR] Wow man you really should stop drinking man. [COLOR="green"]Steve:[/COLOR] Hey! your not my dad man or my mom or my neighboor or whatever man. [COLOR="DarkOrange"]Dude:[/COLOR] I dont see how you could run a wrestling promotion when you look drunk all the time. [COLOR="green"]Steve:[/COLOR] Dude...I dont own a wrestling company dude. I like gave it to some dude. [COLOR="DarkOrange"]Dude:[/COLOR] What! How could you do that! The company was doing great. Who did you give it to. [COLOR="green"]Steve:[/COLOR] Some guy I he bought me a beer and was like can i run your company and I was like sure. Steve Madison apparently gave the company to man not just any man that man he gave the company to is Patton Oswalt! [IMG]http://www.aquateencentral.com/pattonoswalt.jpg[/IMG] I know its a stupid background story. I want to know if anyone would actually read this. I dont want to start doing this until someone is really interested in reading this. Pretty there will be very weird people in EWE and lots of comedy and some wrestling matches. Im sure it will be very different from other diaries so let me know if you would want to read it. Thanks
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