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I know that the game isn't exactly out yet which is why I am wondering if it will be possible to customize the game for those of us who would like to use real life wrestlers and such. Or perhaps even be able to throw ourselves in there with real pictures and all that jazz. I find TPB 2005 more enjoyable being able to add the real NBA rosters, coaches, teams, etc and think having this option available for WS 2 would be really nice too. Only other thing I was wondering (did read the overview) but one thing that I would certainly love to see in WS 2 is more diverse match types. I'm not talking about the insane gimmick matches but things like steel cage, handicap matches, tornado tag team, 3 on 3, 4 on 4 elimination matches, or battle royals would certainly be interesting to see implemented in the game. Looking forward to seeing the final product.
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