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NOTBPW Rebirthed

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[IMG]http://www.frozenzero.net/Dynasty/NOTBPW.jpg[/IMG] [B]NOTBPW[/B] had never been hotter. It was the definitive Canadian wrestling program to watch. Their talent was unquestionably good, and due to the most recent storyline with the Dark Angel Cliff Wilson trying to take down the promotion, it was a phenomenally well driven in terms of story. [B]Grappling Glory[/B] had been slated for the end of May and it was a very good show. It cumulated with Darn Stone sr. guest refereeing a match with The Dark Angel against his own son Dan Stone Jr. If Stone could win it, Wilson agreed to leave the company. And after he had put half the active roster in the hospital, including Edd Stone, the company itself would be happy to see him go. If Wilson left however, company control was his. Nothing new in wrestling, but the fan were still excited. After all, the Dark Angel had been professing his hatred for Organized wrestling for the last year. And was constantly attacking innocent superstars. Only a month prior there was a heartbreaking angle where, after defeating Sean McFly and tying his arms to the ring ropes, The Dark Angel took Victoria Stone from ringside and hit her with his patented Decent Into Hell. Victoria Stone’s condition was listed as uncertain and the following week on Championship Wrestling, a tearful McFly announced that he would have his retirement match that night. Jeremy Stone and McFly engaged in a terrific Main Event and McFly left. That was the last time Sean McFly had been seen on TV, and this was only one of the many emotional matches that had come in The Dark Angel’s path of destruction. But on [B]Grappling Glory[/B] all of that was supposed to change. The Hell couldn’t go on forever. And despite the obvious idea of [B]NOTBPW[/B]’s main face, Dan Stone Jr. being the one to take him down, the match had not yet happened. But at [B]Grappling Glory[/B], everyone knew it would all change. But it didn’t. The Dark Angel had decimated Stone. Not only that but he had done it fairly, in front of the eyes of the promotions founder and owner, Dan Stone Sr. The Dark Angel took a microphone at the end of the match and challenged Stone to betray the sacred position of referee and not make the count, pointing out that Stone’s own son would not be getting up. Openly crying over the fate of his company Dan Stone Sr. did what no one expected to happen. He counted to three as The Dark Angel pinned Dan Stone Jr. and then the bell rang. In front of a shocked audience, The Dark Angel announced that with the company under his control, he would be closing the doors of [B]NOTBPW[/B] as we knew it forever. And that was that. No one believed it of course, this was professional wrestling, it was all a work, and they all tuned in to see [B]Championship Wrestling[/B]. But viewers only saw a repeat of The Rick Ford files. It seemed as though everything had been serious, the companies press releases all said the same thing, [B]NOTBPW[/B] was done, that was it, and it seemed like it was time for fans to believe it. [I]Well hopefully I wont let this diary slide into oblivion, stay tuned for the next installment.[/I]
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