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Dramatic Dream Team: Something In The Air

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The year was...well 2006 and Akira Miwa was in his office in DDT Headquaters, wherever that is... Anyways this is what happen. [COLOR="Red"]Akira[/COLOR]: What can I do to make DDT more appealing to the fans!? (Poison Sawada JULIE walks in) [COLOR="SeaGreen"]Poison[/COLOR]: Hey Akira have you seen my toothbrush! [COLOR="Red"]Akira[/COLOR]: Poison please but some clothes on! [COLOR="SeaGreen"]Poison[/COLOR]: What you dont like me in only a towel? [COLOR="Red"]Akira[/COLOR]: Shut up you over grown beanbag! I'm trying to figured out a way to make DDT more appealing to the fans! [COLOR="SeaGreen"]Poison[/COLOR]: How about comedy? [COLOR="Red"]Akira[/COLOR]: That has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard you say...but I like it! Round up the troops! [SIZE="3"][B]Main Eventers[/B][/SIZE] Danshoku Dino - Heel Darkside HERO! - Heel Shogo Takagi -Heel Shoichi Ichimiya - Face [SIZE="3"][B]Upper Midcarders[/B][/SIZE] Iifushi Kota - Face MIKAMI - Face Tanomusaku Toba - Heel KUDO - Face Poison Sawada JULIE - Heel Tomohiko Hashimoto - Heel Sanshiro Takagi - Face [SIZE="3"][B]Midcarders[/B][/SIZE] Riki Sensyu - Face Muscle Sakai - Heel Cherry - Face Yuki Miyazaki - Face [SIZE="3"][B]Lower Midcarders[/B][/SIZE] Masahiro Takanashi - Heel Shuji Ishikawa - Heel Daichi Kakimoto - Face KENSHIN - Heel [SIZE="3"][B]Opener[/B][/SIZE] Seiya Morohashi - Heel Yusuke Inokuma - Heel [SIZE="3"][B]Enchancement Talent[/B][/SIZE] Futoshi Miwa - Face [SIZE="3"][B]Annoucer[/B][/SIZE] Rikiya Shindo - Face [SIZE="3"][B]Authority Figure[/B][/SIZE] [SIZE="3"][B]Referee[/B][/SIZE] Grace Asano - Face Yuichi Murasugi - Face Natsuru Miura - Face [Size="3"][B]Backstage Workers[/B][/SIZE] Akira Miwa - Face [SIZE="4"][B]Champions[/B][/SIZE] [SIZE="3"][B] King Of DDT[/B][/SIZE] Vacant [SIZE="3"][B]KO-D Openweight[/B][/SIZE] [IMG]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y145/vocalorigami/DanshokuDino.jpg[/IMG] Danshoku Dino [SIZE="3"][B]KO-D Tag Team[/B][/SIZE] [IMG]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y145/vocalorigami/DaichiKakimoto.jpg[/IMG][IMG]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y145/vocalorigami/IifushiKota.jpg[/IMG] Daichi Kakimoto and Iifushi Kota [IMG]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y145/vocalorigami/FutoshiMiwa.jpg[/IMG][CENTER][B][SIZE="4"]THE EYE[/SIZE][/B] by Futoshi Miwa[/CENTER] [I]Hello everyone, My name Futoshi Miwa. Since Iam the brother of the main man here in DDT I have the power to do what I want so what im going to do is report some backstage news and also headline news to you all. Since new approach by my brother to bring in new fans just make work. We are headed into are first show called [B]DDT Battle Sphere[/B]. As far as I know there is no matches set up for the show yet but once i find out you know I will report it right away. In some title news. I have found out from my brother that he has actived the [B]King Of DDT title[/B]. Most likey this title will be on the line at our first show. Who is worthy of this title? I would say me haha. Well thats all I have for you today but make sure to think about often. Bye for now losers!! HAHAH![/I]
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