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Wrestling Spirit Available at Lowered Price

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Phoenix, AZ June 2, 2006 - Grey Dog Software, a Phoenix based developer of sports management simulation software for personal computers, today announced it is lowering the price of Wrestling Spirit to 15.95 USD. Wrestling Spirit’s discount is not a seasonal or limited time promotion, but will remain as a permanent offer due to Wrestling Spirit's recently announced sequel and ongoing popularity. Wrestling Spirit takes its lead from its predecessor, Total Extreme Wrestling, and allows you to take control of the career of a professional wrestler, guiding his career through the world title wins, the tough matches, and the rivalries. Wrestling Spirit is available exclusively by Grey Dog Software and is priced at 15.95 USD. To purchase please visit our [URL="https://www.elicense.com/greydogsoftware/store/index.asp"]webstore[/URL] or you can download the [URL="http://www.greydogsoftware.com/downloads.php?id=35"]free demo here.[/URL]
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