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I'm bored; it's dynasty time again!


I'm playing in the C-Verse, opening up Simply Awesome Wrestling just because I like the logo. It's a local company, my favorite to fail with, but this time I have a plan. I'm going for maximum profit. I usually ignore money, because I'm awful at long term games, so the company almost never gets near bankruptcy. This time I'm focused on all on feeding my bank account. Maybe I'll actually learn something about dealing with money. Probably not, but I'm going to try.


The product I went with after my usual toying around for fifteen minutes is the following:


Mainstream: Key Feature

Cult: Medium

Risque: Medium


Few reasons for this: One, Rated much more on popularity than performance. My user character has 0 in any wrestling skill, and 75 in almost everything else. Sex appeal is, of course, 100. While I have no popularity to start with, I'm going to pump it up with lots of promo time, and the build the whole show around me, like many booker/wrestlers before me. I'll surround myself with cheap workers on short contracts who are there to make me look good. The fact that this feeds my ego is only a slight benefit, I assure you.


Two, The risque rating not only gave me a better pop over perform ratio, it gave me the option to use some sex appeal for cheap ratings. I am never above some exploitation on my behalf.


Three: The whole product feels like Jerry Springer in a wrestling ring. I can roll with that.


I have a hundred grand to play with in the bank, so some cushion while I figure out how cheap I can run an effective show. I haven't yet decided if I'm going to run monthly shows for safety, or weekly to try to get to Small level for better sponsorship cash. We'll see where it goes after the first show.


My major challenge was finding a referee who didn't want more money than my wrestlers. I eventually found one crappy enough to join me for peanuts, though oddly enough it was my toughest negotiation to date.


I require two storylines of E heat or higher. My plan there is my storyline, then a storyline between everyone else to keep them busy until I decide to feud with one of them.


And guess what? TIME FOR THE SHOW


SAW Awesomesauce


My referee is in charge of wrestler's court here. I suppose that's fitting enough.


86 people came for the sauce


I open the show by hyping my match with Olivia Diamond. telling her she has no chance of winning the title tonight. You know, to help put her over on the mike before she puts me over in the ring. Rating: E-. My gimmick as a sleazy wrestling promoter went over great. Easiest character to play is yourself, after all.


Logan Wolfsbaine vs Joanna Silver


I hired Logan for the name. Joanna was literally my first thought when I designed my product. The wrestling sucked, and I'm an awful road agent, so this went as well as expected. Joanna won, just because. Rating: F+. Gimmicks went over well though.


Joanna did a sexy dance after her match. Play to your strengths. Rating: C


Darin Walker vs Olivia Diamond

for the Most Awesomest Wrestler title


Ref Clinton Edwards is also a poor agent, though not as bad as me, of course. I sucked, as the crowd happily informed me, and Olivia didn't, so I rewarded everyone with a non-finish, poking her in the eye to draw the DQ. Rating: F. Storyline lost heat too. Way to go, me.


After the match, I informed her I was right about her not winning the title...Rating: E


And I did a sexy dance to close the show. Oddly, not as highly rated as the ex-stripper. Go figure. Rating: D+


Show Rating: E+. Not enough interesting stories. But pop went up anyway, so who cares? EVERYTHING'S FINE


As of the end of the show, we are down 31 bucks. I can live with those losses. Maybe I should go weekly.


I decided since the crowd crapped all over my match, I'd make myself the figurehead. What do fans know anyway, right? I got a year to be less crap before it takes effect anyway.


Skip to the end of the month....


A girl in my shortlist named Thea Davis started dating some dude named Bas Hagen, before the month was out, she announced she was pregnant. That certainly escalated quickly.


We made a 2200 dollar profit this month. Guess I'm safe enough getting some slightly better priced talent rotating in here. I'll do some shopping around.


Join us next time, or not. Though I'd prefer the former.


EDIT: Just wanted to point out that I totally missed the subtitle in my thread title. I am so good at this.

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